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Today feels so weird.. I made two mistakes on facebook. The first one, I sent a happy birthday message to a friend whose birthday was still on May 13. Then I congratulated a senior for having a baby son whilst the baby was still in the womb! My gawwddd... =.=

Anyway, I got a special request from Anne. Few days back we caught up on msn and we were talking about this post. She asked me to write more about our high school stories here.. So well, I went to look up for something on my diaries but I ended up giggling non-stop-ly reading story after story.. I didn't always remember interesting moments during that time so I often stopped reading just to memorize whether it really had happened or not.. And my dear girl, I know I promised you I'd write a lot but now I am really not sure since most all of stories are super embarrassing, tacky, scandalous, rebellious, and involves a lot of our puppy loves haha.. I almost felt ashamed I was like that during most of my high school year, but everyone in has their own embarrassing high school story, right?? *please nod head*

The graduation ceremony is coming closer!! It's on May 20 btw, but I don't feel as excited as normal students do. Heaven knows it takes a bloody looooooooooonnnnnnggggggggggg way to go and I'm tired of waiting already. I've had the kebaya custom made cos I can't wear any common-cut kebaya as my torso is long and straight and they make me look like a spring roll. I'm gonna do make up by myself and perhaps ask a mom's friend to help me with the hair. I don't book a photo studio to shoot a family portrait on my grad's day. Grace suggested me to bring along a photographer (like she did), but I don't think I'll do that. I think I'll just bring along my IXUS 200 IS and take a lot of pictures with my friends and my parents and then photoshop 'em later haha... Told you I'm not excited with the party, but I am very excited to be officially graduated as a dentist!! :P Mommy also starts nagging about my study plan but it's now only wait-and-see for me. I might have to go for plan B instead of plan A cos currently plan B is the most make-sense scenario for me (plan A needs huge amount of money and years to spend). Or, I can go for plan B while keep trying to work out my plan A. Confused?? Me too! Haha.

Choosing sucks, don't you think so?


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