nusa dua beach

Pretty, isn't it?? I sooo love my camera!


HK day TWO

On phone, my 姑婆 said that she would arrive at our hotel at 10am so we quickly headed back to the hotel. She arrived at about 10.30 and quickly took us for a walk to Discovery Plaza. It was located around the MTR station I think, but we walked for quite long. Just before we reached the entry gate, Henry called her and asked us to change direction to his clinic hahaha... It's so okay la.. :)

Though we were on phone the night before and I'd met his mother twice when she came to Surabaya, this was the first time I met him. He was nice on phone and even nicer in real life. And he looked like a real dentist maaannnn.... Patients will happily seek him for dental care while I have to put all efforts to convince them receiving treatment from me haha... His clinic was very very neat and tidy. It's not that small, though her mother kept telling that it's small.. for a private clinic, I think the size is just right.. I wanna own a clinic like that as well in the future :)

We stayed there until lunch and they brought us to yumcha! When he spelled the word yumcha, I was like going to smile from ear to ear, but I mind my own manner la.. it's such a pain-relief to our awful macaroni breakfast.. I believe that HK has the best dimsum all over the world, and its cuisine is awesome too.. You just have to go with right person so you can order the right dishes.. Me can't read the menus so that's why we mostly ended up with wrong order.. well.. beggars can't choose..

I was going to meet Jack from HKU in the afternoon, so we separated ways after lunch. My sister and I decided to spend some hours in Central as we're going to take taxi from Central to PPDH. Central was like a shopping superblock, mainly occupied with branded stuffs though you can still find cheaper brands store like Giordano or Bossini and other small designer boutiques. But our only destination was Sasa!!! There's the biggest Sasa store over there, we think so, as other Sasa stores we came in in MongKok and Tsim Tsa Shui were just smaller than this one.

to be continued///


HK day ONE

Getting lazier to blog nowadays.. it is not as interesting as before, and there's problem with either my modem or Speedy cos the speed runs reaaaalllyyyyy slow bleahhh...

So few days to spend there, so many places I wanted to go.

After arriving at the airport I decided to ask someone on the visitor center and he suggested us to go to our hotel by bus cos it's much more convenient and definitely cheaper. I planned to go by MTR though, as it's faster, but who wanted to lug around big luggagge from platform to platform btw? So I agreed with him. Taking bus A31 from Airport to Tsuen Wan only cost HKD17.8 per person. The journey was about 60 mins long. He said that Dorsett Far East Hotel was very visible from the bus, so we would be able to notice it before hopped off the bus.
I regretted not to take notes how many bus stops before our stop, and we didn't know at which stop we should go down then hahaha.. After 45 mins, I tried to locate where we were. The bus keep on driving like mad that once I found a big building, like a mansion or plaza, the bus just passed it by before I could find it on the map... My sister made a wise decision to ask a local guy sitting behind us, and thankfully he spoke English really well. He wasn't sure about our hotel location but he asked us to get down at the same bus stop as him cos even if we continued our bus trip, no one would be able to help us. When the bus door opened, I was relieved to see Cityplaza, which was only few metres away from our hotel, hahaha... Crap. I think the guy on visitor centre forgot to tell us that the hotel's name was only visible to passengers sitting on the left side. We sat on the right side thus we didn't see any.. =.=

It was almost 6pm when we arrived at the hotel.

The hotel was niccceeeee..... :) As expected, the room was very small (as any other room in HK, I think), the bathroom was even smaller haha.. But it's very clean, the staffs were helpful and spoke English too.. I booked it online, room rate was about HKD 340 plus 10% tax which was cheap. Of course, it's abit far from downtown area.. but I didn't mind as the MTR was fast and cheap also. With the same price in downtown area you could only get a hostel's room. The hotel we stayed in was a 3 stars hotel :) And because it's located in residential area, it's more quiet and homy too. Early in the morning, you could see people having exercise in the nearby park, highschoolers queuing on public light bus, parents taking their kids to schools, and office guys and girls having breakfast in chan teng (餐體) A good way to observe local's life hehe...

Our first dinner was in a chan teng near the hotel. The weather was quite cold and we're looking for something hot for dinner. The restaurant smelt good from the street and it's pretty crowded so I though their foods must be good too. I couldn't read the menu so I asked the young girl on cashier to help me haha.. Really, my Chinese was quite useless over there. I think they didn't always use the same character to explain one thing as in Taiwan. I am used to Taiwanese's style and I thought I could also survived in HK but I was wrong. With the help of the girl, we picked up something like ramen and sliced pork and egg, haha... Didn't know the name, but it's delicious!!! The next day was different. We tried other restaurant in farther block, it looked like it served roasted goose. It displayed pictures of goose dishes, so I said to my sister, "Wow. These look yummy, let's go in!!"

I didn't know that it didn't serve roasted goose in the morning. Apparently, almost all restaurants in HK serve different menus for breakfast time. The goose restaurant we came in, served regular egg and toast for breakfast. This time, we picked up menu with the help of the waiter guy, the only one who spoke English in the restaurant.

It should be only bread toast, scrambled egg, and bacon, plus lemon tea. But in fact, they gave us additional plain hot tea and a HUGE bowl of macaroni with salted vegetables and minced pork!!! Even me couldn't finish them up! Later I discovered that people here eat much more than our standards hehe... Eventually, the macaroni was left untouched and I didn't have gut to come back in the afternoon to taste their roasted goose. Seriously, the pictures looked very appetizing and that's a pity.... =.=""

Feeling so full, we headed back to the hotel and waited for our 姑婆 to pick us up...

to be continued/////


HK love story

Hai hai hai.. yours truly had arrived home safely on last Sunday and now enjoying free days before departure to Bali on next week mwahahaha... November is my travel month for sure hehe :)

About Hong Kong, I AM NOT SATISFIED AT ALL!!!!! C'mon, only FOUR days, how come I got satisfied?? I wanna stay FOREVER there!!!! I wanna move move there owww.. It was Autumn when I visited so the cool breeze felt very comfortable esp if you compared to Surabaya's hot weather which almost kills me everyday due to the heavy sweating.. I might die of dehydration y'noe!!

My new camera works so well, as expected from a Canon!! I've uploaded some pictures on my Facebook account if you want to check it there.. Sorry, I can't post the same pictures here as the connection dropped down =.= It's proven that a good camera aids in making good pictures. No need for heavy editing, just tweaking the color and apply lens correction filter to make the pictures look more dramatic! Awesome!!! Sure it's worth the price, how many times have I been telling you this?? Ahahaha....

Met my 'uncle' who's also a dentist in HK.. I should have called him 'uncle' cos he is on Mom's generation but he's only 30 something and mind being called as uncle haha.. Soo nice la! He explained a lot about MDS programme in HKU and now I'm getting more confused as I don't know what to choose wtf haha.. I like his clinic btw, small and neat and chic.. I so want to own a clinic like him in the future time! But I imagine that working in private practice is boring though you can earn a lot from that..

Met Jack Jichao also!!!! I'm soooo sorry we only could meet for one day! I only managed to visit the PPDH (and stupidely didn't take any photos there.. wtf was wrong with my brain at that time?!!?!?!?!!!) Next time I wanna visit the main campus.. saw from several photos that it's an old building so gotta be more interesting.. However, PPDH is greattt!! Making me dislike my campus even more.. That is what they call a teaching hospital maannn!!! Don't call RSGM a teaching hospital also.. I don't even dare to pee in the toilet as I might get urinary tract infection =.=

to be continued..


less than 12 hours

Tee hee.. yours truly is going MIA for 4 days starting from tomorrow!!


less than 48 hrs!

OMG I'm freaking lazy to pack luggage~!!!! Why should I bring luggage huh, even don't know what to bring!! It's supposed to be Fall now, regular temp is about 23-28 C, but just now Jack told me that it's dropping to 17 C these days... @_@ I so don't want to bring clothes here and buy them there hahah.. I already prepared the maps, complete with colorful tags, but almost forget to print hotel's name and address whoahahaa... wanna get lost there or what?? xD


Canon IXUS 200 IS Review

First of all, I’m very happy I bought this camera. Choosing the right one between hundred types of pocket cameras is painful. I spent 125674938 hours browsing the internet, reading reviews, painstakingly observing pictures in FLICKR, calling camera stores. It’s only for a simple point&shoot camera, but I don’t wanna regret my buy.

In the beginning, I demand manual control, and wide angle. That’s because my only preference used to be the LX3, and I didn’t feel I wanted to give up the manual control; like shutter priority, aperture priority, and manual focus; and my choices were Lumix DMC-FX550, Canon Powershot SX200 IS, Canon IXUS SD990 IS (doesn’t have manual control and wide angle, but reviews were good) and Lumix DMC-TZ7 (doesn’t have manual control either, but long zoom, which LX3 doesn't have, is tempting and it also uses Leica lens). But Lumix TZ7 was quickly out from the list cos it’s overbudget. IXUS SD990 IS was what’s removed after cos its widest focal length is only 34mm. Both FX550 and SX200 receive complaints from many websites for poor quality images. So confusing, but I realized with the budget of mine, I couldn’t get all features I wanted, so I decided to compromise with a full auto camera.

Then I bumped into KenRockwell’s website, which reviewed about the Canon IXUS 200 IS here. And this camera wins my heart very quickly. Searching down back thru camera review pages like Photographyblog, Letsgodigital, photo360mag, I was sure this is it!!! This is what I want! I was afraid that this camera was still unavailable in Indonesia, but then relieved cos it’s already released in Jakarta last September. As I told you before, I finally bought this camera from Oktagon at IDR 3.380K.

You can google Canon IXUS 200 IS complete specs by yourself. IMO this camera fits my hand comfortably. It may be a problem for bigger palms though, but for me it doesn’t matter. The 3” LCD is awesome and bright. I sometimes feel that some pictures look better in the LCD than in my computer. They look in good exposure while being previewed in the camera, but after you transfer to the computer, they look under-exposed haha.. Sadly, I haven’t been able to figure out how to trick this problem yet. Fyi, the screen is a touch-screen. You can modify your camera setting, playback pictures, delete pictures etc just by tapping/double-tapping/dragging your fingers on the screen. It also has gesture sensor that can detect camera horizontal/ vertical position, adjust the images position as you change the cam position, or flipping thru images just by waving your hand up and down. I don’t usually use these features. I find that using the wheel is far more convenient. The touch screen is useful to interchange between shooting modes and move the focus frames. I can just tap the screen on place I want to focus and let other areas in the frame be slightly out of focus! Awesome, haha…

Okay.. Nuf said and let’s take a look on some original pictures, all taken indoor…

Program AE 1/30 f2.8 ISO 80 AWB

Digital Macro 1/6 f2.8 ISO 80 AWB

Program AE 1/5 f2.8 ISO 80 AWB

Program AE 1/5 f2.8 ISO 200 AWB

Program AE 1/25 f2.8 ISO 100 AWB

The only weird thing is that when AUTO mode is chosen, it sets the camera on ISO 800 wtf hahaha... xD Haven't tried it for outdoor scene though, but I believe it works as what you expect from a Canon haha.. will update later when I find an outdoor occasion :)


new toy arrived

I can't join this year graduation.. the academic officer didn't approve it so gotta wait until early next year, waiting for the other friends to complete their clinic requirements.. I'm sad, yes.. but that's OK.. I didn't put any expectations before so I'm not that disappointed.. after living in FKG for 5 years, I'm all numb now hahaha...

But there's a delight!



A package from OKTAGON arrived yesterday safely!!!!! Very much faster than expected before!!! Let's unbox it!

*heart beats faster now*

My brand new toy, Canon IXUS 200 IS!


Not an LX3??? You're always talking about LX3 why ended up buying an IXUS then?? Hahaha.. That's because alot things happened that made it clear that I wasn't destined with LX3.. as much as I wanted to buy it, it was out of stock; only the displayed one was available. When I decided to buy the display item, my car's AC compressor was broken and had to be replaced, estimated cost: same as LX3's price!!! So no way, I swear to myself I will not spend the same amount on a camera!! Haha..

left column: USB cable, AV cable, and charger cable
mid column: charger, battery, IXUS 200 IS
right column: warranty card, installation CD-ROM, manual book
There are also Quick User's Guide and the sales note inside the box.

It's complete and arrived in perfect condition. Oktagon's service is awesome man! I order the camera on Tue, made the payment on Tue night, confirmed the payment on Wed morning, and the camera arrived on Thursday morning! Super fast shipping considering that they estimated the shipping would take 3-4 days! The sales officers are nice and friendly too.. they explain things clearly and answer my questions patiently.. Definitely recommend their service! Click here if you're interested.

If you wonder why I bought it from Oktagon and not from local stores in Surabaya, that's because no local stores in Surabaya carry this product! I have called almost all famous camera stores here and all of them don't have this item.. Guess cos it's quite a new release?
Of course, it's not a DSLR camera, so don't even try to expect it works like one. Will post proper review on this camera later, cos I'm so lazy to type 'em down now haha..

SIX DAYS TO COME, btw...... and I really can't wait!!


my best friend's wedding

A bit late post, here are some pictures from Sen's wedding captured by Apri. None of us brought digicam, lucky his cam phone was quite descent..

the bried and the groom

Look at Sen's face still look as young, but sure he's a lot more mature than me.. I'm feeling forever childish inside =.=

Me and the craziest girlmate in my life

Anne wanted me to lower my body to compensate her height, but the photo turned out really weird haha..

Being shorty ain't bad la, girl.. :P
Thanks to Feli for capturing us!
I had goosebumps while watching their holy matrimony's video, and started imagine myself in the white dress, praying for strength so that I wouldn't back off and became Ms. Maggie Carpenter haha.. Maybe that's what they call the magic of love, otherwise how come one is willing to commit for a lifetime??

Meanwhile, my left back is in pain now, due to wrong sleeping position I guess.. Shit.



I had Oral Med profession exam today and it went good! Ha! Let's bid goodbye to them and now I can get rid of the hideous handouts; clean till nothing's left mwahahaha.. so happy leh. I feel so free now!!
Holiday.. holiday... I'm so ready for holiday :)

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