bridal shower 13.05.10

psstt.. Imil had posted this, but I also wanted to post one hehe.. :)

Last night was maddddd fun!!!!! I love I love I love! :D
Sixteen of us (minus Erlin & Luci) was having a mad dinner in Hare & Hatter to celebrate the upcoming five weddings in this year!!


the gorgeous 2010 brides to be :)


showing off their wedding month

I never heard of bridal shower before, so when Grace came up with this idea, I had to look up in Google. The actual party should be women-only but since this was only for fun and there were only few guy friends (dentistry field lacks of guys), they got invited too..

the bridal shower mc


Choosing Prita as the 'program director' was no wrong, basically because she's born crazy so she always came up with crazy ideas haha. The game was a bit chaotic last night, thanks to Camel who kept interrupting, complaining, and protesting haha.. xD But it was reaaaalllyyyy fun!!

the loser group :P

the losers ;)

Losers must take punishment. Camel and Chater chose to do truth whilst Vitha dared to take the dare! And because Kurniawan was a good boyfriend, he must escort Vitha doing the challenge.

dare couple

He had to wear the veil as well HAHA... and together with Vitha, they made a wedding walk procession followed by us singing the wedding song from our table to one table of five strangers and announced them that they're gonna get married in 2011.. xD

harry me putri

with Harry & Putri, I teamed up with them last night

All pictures here are stolen from his facebook haha.. Tried his D5000 several times last night and it felt heavy with the flash mounted.. But this won't discourage me hehe :P


Early picture of us plus Harry (being the photographer). Prita & Ardi came later.





Congratulations all the brides to be.. I pray that God bless your new journey :D
Sure if I get married someday, I'll throw another party like this hehe. Major FUN, mates... I love you all ♥


iMiL~ May 16, 2010 at 8:14 AM  

yuppp it's fun and crazy hahaha... Ayo-ayo-ayo, kapan-kapan mbikin lagi acara kayak gini :D

Margaretha Yessi May 17, 2010 at 11:01 PM  

Tunggu kloter wedding selanjutnya, Mil.. Hahaha..

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