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I am changing my blog theme again! The old one was very boring and ridiculous with white, orange, and yellow hue.. This one is still simple and perhaps looks so boring to you as well, but at least the color suits my current liking :D

How do you like my new banner???

I am loooooving it to bits, hell I am loving my own picture hahaha.. xD Took that in mom's bedroom cos my room's lighting sucks.. Over 80+++ photos, only this one looks good and goes well with the design I've planned.. The rests are either cropped at the lower part or too dark or too ugly, major failure =.= .. Still, I need Photoshop to make it look more pleasing..
Overall, I think the picture and the banner design give more feminine and mature feeling to this page, don't you think so? I included some Chinese words cos I just felt they should be there, but didn't really know what to write so added the simple ones.. if you can suggest more philosophical sentences, of course I'd love to hear that hehe :D


Frendy May 3, 2010 at 10:23 PM  

simpel tapi apik yes =D

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