cry baby

Few days ago I dug my sister's DVDs and found this movie...

Be With You (いま、会いにゆきます)

...which was sad-ending, and I ended up weeping non-stoply.. was afraid that I had to go to the clinic with swollen eyes but thanks God, I didn't.. =.= Okay la, you never saw me crying over clinic hardships, even when I failed Oral Med.. You never saw me crying from being wounded during childhood, even when I almost broke my lower incisors. But when it comes to movies, I'm turning into such a major weeper..

Especially sad love-themed ones... =.=""

Yeah, if you feel nauseous don't bother to read further and just press Alt+F4 quickly la...

That's why I almost never watch dramas in the cinema.. Very very occasionally, I think, unless my friends want to go together, cos I never know I might come across touching scenes. After my eyes become so watery, I hate making effort not to cry! 

Suckers, i know.

Also watched this one..

Halfway (ハルフウェイ)

But this doesn't make me cry la.. It's a kind of slow-paced movie, if it fits your taste.. I don't usually like this kind cos more often I become bored to death in the first 10 minutes hehe.. but this one is different and kinda cute.. :)

Anyway, mom's asking me if I want to accompany her going to Semarang and Yogyakarta next weekend. It's only a 3D2N trip, will spend Friday in Semarang, then head to Yogyakarta on Sat and leave to Surabaya on Sun. Too short la, I wonder if I would get tired more on the train than the sightseeing.. She said she could go by herself though, hahaha...


good friday

Went to the movie with Luci and Camel for Eat, Pray, Love! The story is standard, but me likey Javier Bardem hehee.. Have been liking him since he appeared in Grey's Anatomy despite his short appearance..


twins?? @.@

Ohh noo.... I've mistakenly recognized him as Jeffrey Dean Morgan!!! Zzzzz... how come these men look alike???! The one who played in Grey's Anatomy was actually the man on the right, Dean Morgan hahahaaaa.... XD


I like the Italy part, made me craving so bad for thin-crust pizza!!! OMG, I also want to have the whole pan only for myself!! Where can I find it here?? 

I don't like the India part.. no particular reason, only because it's telling me how Liz's trying to get her spiritual balance (read: too much meditation, no travelling scene = boring)

And at last.. I like the Indonesia part! Ubud is beautiful, yea... Ketut Liyer and his female assistant are funny, and both of Liz and Felipe's houses are pretty!! If someday I go back to Bali I also want to rent a place like that and spend a whole day's worth only lazying on my bed, reading books, or admiring the view. What a relaxing holiday it could be!

K, nuff of daydreaming!

The work in school today was fun, too. I had anticipated that the students would rebel during examination, but they didn't. They were a lil' too noisy, but it's okay and still manageable. Love them! :) Therefore the examination finished earlier than I thought so I had the chance to try the canteen's food hehe..

This one is very good! Beef and green peas sweet soup, topped with Chinese style fried chicken chunks and crispy shallot. And this stuffed my stomach very well!

Guess the price!
Only IDR 5K!!! *faint*

Damn, I looooveeeeee school's canteen XDD~~

P.S. Checked Lee Hom's newest album in the mall but it still isn't there yet... Tsk tsk tsk.. what makes Sony BMG take frigging long time to release it here?!! Oh, c'monnnn.... :S


junk I love

After my corned-beef addiction is over, now it's SPAM's turn!! Am marking four days now, in a row... XD
I usually like it thin-sliced with crispy-fried edge, but I also used to eat it right from the can hehe..


another engagement

Last Sunday I was asked by a friend to help her taking photos of her friend's engagement. What made me nervous was not because the groom was one of the national badminton player or that he won a gold medal in Beijing Olympic 2008 (pheww~), but more because I hadn't practiced with my camera at all for more than a month!

However, promise must be fulfilled.

That was my very first time taking photos of a stranger's event (I had only been introduced to the bride and the groom right on the location!). Lesson learnt:

  1. Shooting only with prime lens (I used my 50/1.8, a lil too narrow on my cam body) in room full of people is not a good idea. A lot of times I felt I needed to step further or closer to the subject and I couldn't do that as I always bumped into somebody. It got worse as most of the guests were the elderly.
  2. My kit lens wasn't as terrible as I thought. I used it for group photos at its max aperture and still got pretty decent pictures. However, when it's used at full zoom, the pictures turned crappy ;P
  3. I should have had breakfast before.
  4. I should have had more and more conversation with the couple and their family. The only reason why I couldn't get pictures I had imagined was because I felt too awkward to ask them posing for me.
  5. RAW files only made me lazier to start photoediting.. XD

I have started editing some, but still have loads of photos waiting in the line hahaha... *hopeless*

I didn't think I had done well, but I hope I won't make the same mistakes in the future time :)

P.S. I change my blog template again, you likey?

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