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I'm legal now

The long awaited registration certificate is finally on my hand! I had no idea if we'd also get an ID like this, does it give us any privilleges or better, work as a discount card? xD

Been rolling on my bed since morning. No, I'm not skipping work (like I usually do) but the clinic is taking care of registration of all doctors planning to work 'permanently' there.. Since I have no plan for working there 'permanently', I could take a day off hehe.. It's been only less than two months since I joined them, but now I am thinking about moving out. Of all personal preferences, honestly I prefer workplace that offers me opportunities to develop my skill and knowledge. My current workplace can't offer that but the salary is good.. Such a dilemma cos I also need money to pay for leisure. You know me la, I hate working but love travelling haha.. Mom often suggests me to be more thoughtful about that, but like everyone else, who doesn't love travelling? Plus.. after all, what's all the money for? :P


wah.. I'm cooking!!

Out of sudden yeah? My first time btw haha.. Mom's out of town, no food at home, I'm too lazy to drag my ass out for dinner.. nobody's gonna feed me, so I have to feed myself.. xD

Some leftovers in refrigerator soon turned into egg-chicken-mushroom something haha.. 

There were so many small accidents of course, even the simplest first step: defrosting the chicken!!
When I defrosted the mushrooms, I set the timer to 30 sec but they're still frozen.. so I put 'em in again and set it to another 30 sec, and it was successful. When I tried to defrost the chicken, I set it to 30 sec but nothing happened, the whole chicken still looked frozen, so I put it back again and set it to 60 sec. I was confident I set the timer right and patiently waiting in front of the microwave until... PING!!

Not only was it defrosted, one-third of the chicken was cooked as well buahahahahaha!!!!

Oh my god... What's the correct defrosting time for chicken btw??

In conclusion, did it taste good??

It's still edible la... XDD


Jogja: soon!

Yak, seharian ini semua orang rumah lagi in a very good mood! Apalagi kalo bukan karena adek saya yang paling kecil akhirnya dapat sekolah hehehe... :D
Dasar adek saya memang dodol.. Pas Mami pagi2 dah buka koran, ngecek daftar nama di Jawa Pos yang di-print pake size mikro itu, eh dia malah masih enak2an molor di kasur.. Setelah hampir setengah jam melototin halaman per halaman, tiba2 Mami teriak2 heboh, bikin kaget saya yang lagi kunyah-kunyah makanan di deket situ.. Ternyata nama adek saya ada di koran! Tapi karena di koran cuman ditulis nama plus kode fakultas doang (gak pake namanya), saya kan gak ngerti adek saya diterima di uni mana.. secara dia daftar dua tempat, UGM dan Unibraw Malang.. Akhirnya saya ketok2 kamar dia, maksud hati mau tanya kode fakultas itu.. tapi dianya masih asyik membabi. Yang bangun malah adek saya yang satunya dan dia malah bilang, "De'e wes tau kok.. Ketrima ndek UGM, wong tadi malem wes ngecek!" Pantes aja enak2an molor gitu.. XD

Sesorean ini, dia jadi bahan ledekan orang satu rumah.. Tapi dasar adek saya yang paling kecil itu memang kurang ekspresif kalem, jadinya dia ketawa2 biasa doang, gak heboh.. Yang paling heboh? Ya cicinya yang berisik cantik ini dong hahaha... udah sibuk mengkhayal abis bakalan bisa sering2 travelling ke Jogja hahaha... Gak usah bayar akomodasi (ya iya, yang bayar duit sewanya kan emak lo, bego..), tinggal numpang bobok di tempat dia aja hihihi.. Hemat kan? Asik asik asik.. :P Bosen ah maen di Surabaya melulu.. Ntar kalo pas weekend, bisa langsung cabut ke sana deh hahaha... *mengkhayalll.....* xD
Minggu depan kayaknya dia kudu berangkat ke sana buat ngurus pendaftaran ulang. Saya gak tau ikut atau enggak. Soalnya kalo cuman daftar ulang aja kan sebentar, paling 2 hari dah pulang.. Kalo sekalian cari tempat tinggal baru deh saya ikut hehe.. Tapi kayaknya gak asik deh travelling sama mereka, bukan tipe demen kelayapan sih.. Enaknya sih ngajak teman jalan2 bareng gitu.. yah, nanti dipikirkan lagi.. Toh bakal sering ke sana kan? Kekekeke~~



Yesterday was a bit out of my habit.. I am no fan of coffee shops, name them Starbucks, Dante, Excelso.. reasons are simple: 1) I don't tolerate high caffeine drinks very well; 2) I can't feel their meals filling my stomach enough :P
But yesterday, as Red Mango was packed with people, we checked the neighboring counter, a newly-opened coffee shop named Rollaas.

It's owned by PT Perkebunan Nusantara 12 aka PTPN 12. The 'Rollaas' name comes from Javanese word rolas for twelve. Their signature drink is Kopi Luwak (click here for explanation), which is said to be served with a special  brewing tool. But as I was not willing to pay IDR 100K for A CUP of Kopi Luwak, I ordered  other drink hehe..

Mine was Cafe Borgia, recommended by the waitress, comprised of three different layers: mandarin orange, coffee, and whipped cream on top. The waiter explained to me a simple how to drink it. Don't try to stir it! Instead, put the straw in and sip the mandarin layer, then lift a bit and sip the coffee layer, after that lift more and sip the creamy top. Mix 'em in your mouth, not in the glass! 

My verdict? It tasted refreshing! The coffee taste wasn't strong and mandarin orange made it nicer. Eventually I did stir the three layers and it became like...pweh. Hahaha.. better not mix the layers... xD

Also ordered from their pastry list. As we were quite late, all salty pastries were sold out and only sweet desserts were available. 

The chocolate something was great, but the strawberry cheesecake was not :(

Till the end of July, they give 25% off for all beverages. Oh I wanna go again to eat the curry puffs.. And if you don't like coffee, they also serve tea and chocolate drinks.. might try 'em next time :D


no I am not shopping

Inside the bag is.....

the half-done crochet project. Put it there to avoid dust hehe..
I've finished one skein already woohooo~~ but still a long way to go... The stitches look quite tidy here but in real life it's really not la hahaha... xD

Meanwhile, a friend asked me to join her photographing her friend's engagement in October and I am so freaking nervous waa waa waaaaaaa.... I am a pure novice don't know how to handle this... But I said yes I wanted to join her..

Waaa waaa waaaaaaaa....   >.<



Wassup fellas!!! :D

After uploading some pictures from Prita and Ardi's wedding (piccies are available in facebook acc), I'm now boringly waiting for World Cup final match between Netherlands and Spain. Netherlands my love, please win tonight mwach mwach... :*

There's almost no interesting story for this week. Work still sucks, my knitting project is still far from finished, my photography skill doesn't improve as well =.= Grr... photographing people is very difficult yeah?? Anyone knows how NOT to make portraits look like common PnS camera's shot?? I want to make pictures that wow the viewers haha.. xP
Been an illegal (doh) photographer of friend's weddings with Harry has made me tempted to get an external flash, but not sure yet, I don't know it's that necessary for basically I'm a big fan of natural lights hehe.. but seeing him so convenient taking pictures while I'm abusing my camera's ISO system, built-in flash, and still the picture outcomes aren't nice, it's like.... sigh, I want that damn speedlite hahahaha... xD Also want a new lens after seeing Frendy got a 135mm f2 L lens! Woh, an L lens I also want ahhh!!! Hahaha...

Ah, impulsive buying. I need to master my current gear first before adding more.... *repeating these words to help me resist the buying urge*

Mental note: next time will find longer dresses for easy squatting while taking pictures.. =.="



Taking pictures of your own hands could be very difficult.. I started this project on last Thu and haven't progressed too far yet though I'm working on it every day and while watching football too (only if the play is boring.. :P).. You may not believe it, but for me crocheting relieves tension from work.. and it's addictive too.. Can hardly stop myself at night to sleep hahaha.. Bought two skeins of DMC yarn and it's not cheap, so I hope I'll have enough commitment to finish this..  I hope the result will be good as well.. And in perfect size.. Cos if it's not, I'm going mad.. XD Can you guess what it is? HINT: It's something wearable.. ;)

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