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Mad happy! Over ecstatic!
Spent my money on a new toy yesterday and now I become very poor. Poor but happy cos it's like fulfilling a long-awaited dream!

I now own a dslr!!

Been wanting it since Dec 2008 walaoo... so long ago,when EOS 450D was still the newest model from EOS three digits line?? And now when I get mine, the 450D model is already discontinued by the manufacturer LOL~ Seems like I take forever to make a decision, to buy - not to buy - to buy - not to buy... it went like that till last April haha.. But I didn't get 450D of course, mine is the more handsome EOS 550D hehe..


Give you box picture only while I'm still trying to find a nice mirror to camwhore with it haha.. I bought it with 18-55mm kit lens from Sentradigital at IDR 7800K, but in fact I spent more than IDR 8500K for screen protector, air blower, a lenspen, UV filter, and an 8G SanDisk Ultra SDHC Card.. o_O

A big lump of money, but do I care??

Of course I do la.. Afterall, it's not a cheap toy leh, but everything it delivers are just paid off. Picture outcomes are awesome and VERY SHARP AND CLEAR AND JUST PRICKING INTO YOUR EYES!! Haha.. I know I sound lame to most advanced DSLR users, but hey.. I've just upgraded from a P&S camera so it's natural for me to boast about the picture quality, right?

Here I'm taking some novice shots haha..




cropped from picture above

IMG_0115 crop

very fine, not?


And best pictures of all....

The mittens on my hand ~~ xD



Don't mind my picture compo, it still sucks haha.. and I still can't handle manual settings properly. Everything on the screen looks so confusing, but it's just a matter of time, isn't it?

I must learn and practice a lot. To every DSLR master, I beg your guidance.. :D


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