a bag of my dream

A bag of my dream is a bag that can carry all of my junks, doesn't wear out too soon, not to feminine, without excessive and useless ornaments, shoulder friendly and not too pricey.. It would be better if it's versatile enough either for casual or semi formal occasions..

I don't mind buying clothes so often. I don't mind buying shoes every 6 months. But for a bag, I really want it to last like FOREVER cos finding a bag that suits my demand is such a pain in the ass LOL.
That's why I was literally frantic when I found out my previous bag had worn out too much faster than I had expected, only 6 months!! It was not a cheapskate, I paid quite amount of price and got it from a decent store.. The bag was made of synthetic leather and the leather was peeled off in so many places..  Such a shame.. =.=

But after a venture into several stores, I finally found a replacement.

I got it from Hellolulu :)

It's actually a laptop bag for 13.3" laptop, with padded compartment inside (not shown in pictures below). My laptop is 14.1" but it fits just fine. However, this bag is for daily use, not for carrying around my laptop..

a tote bag, medium-sized

And it has PLENTY compartments to for my things!!
Even though my things are usually scattered all over the place, I'm actually a compartment junkie.. XD
I love bags with many compartments but still doesn't look bulky.

A velcro pocket, 2 pen holders, a zippered pocket.. The counterside of the bag is the padded compartment for your laptop. 
See??! I can place everything neatly in there and still gets fast access to each of them. Fast access is essential because I hate wasting time looking for something in my bag, esp. if it's small-sized haha...

I don't own a portable music player, but I think this is a very thoughtful feature. It has dedicated mp3 pocket with a dedicated headphone port! Niceee... but I'm gonna use this for my hand phone.

Back compartment with velcro closure (for magazines/ newspapers) with an extra pocket attached inside (can be used to keep parking ticket etc)

Once again, thoughtful! :)

An extra pouch to satisfy my OCD hahaha.. I can carry hand-sanitizer, alcohol spray, facial tissue, wet tissue in a pouch and they won't get cluttered in the bag.. *happy face*

This is also a feature I like the most as I don't usually attach key chains.. Finding such keys inside a big bag is also a pain in the ass.. :)

Since it was made of nylon and polyester, it's waterproof and comes with a one-year guarantee. Speaking of durability, it's a laptop bag afterall.. It must be strong, right? Hahaha..

I was thinking about getting the black one, but it looks meh with pink lining.. This one is in espresso color and the inner lining is verrrryy pretty! I never expect that brown goes well with blue and fuschia.. :P

The only down part is, I think, it looks more like a school bag (except that I had never worn one like this during my schooldays, it's even too feminine for the 'old' me hahahha..)  and is not versatile enough for semi formal occasions.

But of course, I don't really mind that..  For daily use, I much prefer a strong bag :P



他是每星期日下午在教堂我遇到的男人. 我不知道他到底是誰, 但由於他獨特的樣子就很喜歡看看他.. 



身上充滿了紋身, 頸部, 胳臂, 通通有紋身.. 

他的臉讓我想起曾經喜歡過的一個人, 我怎麼不一直盯著他呢.. 
因此, 我記住他了! 但他從來卻不可能身上有紋身..

神秘的男人.. 要是我認識你, 我很好奇的想問你.. 那個在頸部的紋身, 被黥的時不癢癢嗎?


Murphy's laws of dentistry

The easier a tooth looks on radiograph for extraction, the more likely you to fracture a root tip.

The shorter a denture patient, the more adjustments he or she will require.

The closer it is to 5:00 PM on Friday, the more likely someone will call with a dental emergency.

The cuter the child, the more difficult the dental patient.

Parents who typed their child's medical histories are trouble.

The more you need a specialist, the less likely they are to be in their office.

When a patient localizes pain on one of two teeth, you will open the wrong one.

The less a patient needs a procedure for dental health, the more the patient will want it >> 
e.g. anterior veneer vs posterior crown.

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