Hello, Jakarta!

So yeah, I went to the capital city on Dec 13-15, not on holiday but to fulfill a 'secret mission' heheh..

I boarded Mandala Air, booked online, one month ahead, paid for IDR 960K for a SUB-JKT round ticket. It could have been cheaper if you didn't opt 'fly carbon free' and choose your seat. I chose window seat cos I love the view of floating clouds, which I didn't see much of cos the weather was sunny and the sky was clear.

Is it just me or anyone else think that the view is better on the right hand side window than on the left hand side window? Cos I always get to see better view when I sit by the right hand side window.. :)

Surprisingly, I met a familiar face onboard next to my seat. She was my classmate in IALF last year and we had a good chit-chat.. :) She was worried knowing that I was travelling alone and told me to use ONLY Blue Bird taxi..

Btw, why was everyone worried about me going alone to Jakarta?

I mean, it's only Jakarta. I've travelled to five other countries in my early twenties and no one was as worried as now. Though I didn't travel alone, but most of the times I wandered in cities by myself. Okay la, not really by myself, usually accompanied by one or two friends.. But this time I'm 24 y.o. already, oh please... I was going to surf someone's couch, but Mom was extremely against it and paid me a two-nights stay in a nice hotel instead. "Perhaps somewhere else, but not in Indonesia," said her.

Yes, mom... I don't mind. At all.

I arrived at Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta Int'l Airport, the newly-built terminal, I guess? Cos everything still looked so new and clean and well-maintained heheh... I was afraid of 'black taxis' but here I can order my taxi from an authorized booth. I picked Blue Bird and was given a receipt. This receipt was to be passed to a Blue Bird's staff on the taxi station, where I waited for it. The booth was near the exit door after the baggage claim hall btw.

This is the first trip to Jakarta after 15 years, and my impression about this city remains the same.


It's not 'crowded' in a nice way. Because Hong Kong is crowded, too, but I love it. I love waking up early to see people rushing in the morning, to see some of them has just finished their walk in the garden, some of them are grabbing their breakfast and rushing to their work, people queuing on bus stops and subways are full as well.
But Jakarta was not like that. It's crowded in the way that can make you go mad. Upon arrival, I was trapped with my taxi in a massive traffic jam......... on a HIGHWAY!! Yes baby, you read it right.. =.=  I checked Google Maps and found out the airport to my hotel was supposed to be only 30-mins-driving away. In fact, I spent about 1.5 hour!! I was lucky I wasn't the one driving at that time.. xD

I stayed at Lumire Hotel (ex Aston Atrium Hotel). It's nice and I had the whole king-sized bed shared with a hunk only for myself woot woot~~ The check-in process took like forever.. Since I arrived at 11am, I left my luggage and went straight to the dental school to meet a friend there.

Arrived back at the hotel @3pm or so.

Ady picked me up in the hotel about 1.5 hours later and since I wanted to visit Kota Tua, he suggested us to go there. But as natural as in Jakarta, we got trapped in a traffic jam!! A massive one. It's almost 5pm already. Feeling hopeless of not being able to reach the place before sunset and afraid of being trapped even further, we made a detour to Mangga Dua Square and spent few hours there until the traffic jam subsided hahaha.. After the rush hour ended, I tried to contact my friends, asking for suggestions about sightseeing places we could check out in the late afternoon, but they had no idea besides malls or eating places hahaha.. So he drove to another mall to meet his friends there. Practically, on day one we didn't go nowhere and I learned how to get used to the traffic jam lol~

Guess what place we visited on day two?
Deng deng deng........
Omg... suddenly I felt sooooo 'Orde Baru' and the image of Soeharto (our former president) flashed in my mind hahahahaa....xDD

It's actually Ady's idea!!

Previously we had these options: Kota Tua, Ragunan Zoo, and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). I've only ever visited TMII and that's when I was about 9 y.o. On the other hand, he was very curious cos he had never been there. In the end, we agreed to visit TMII instead of the first two options. When he first mentioned TMII though, I was a little skeptical. As long as I remembered, it didn't impress a 9-years-old me at all, how could it impress me now? But I did a mini research and read some positive reviews. Moreover they had renewed their logo, and usually a company's logo renewal was associated with major changes, right? Why not give it a shot? Who knows it's actually better than 15 years before? I got curious, too.

The journey took longer than we had expected, got deceived by a tricky sign board so we took the wrong way too.. But after one hour, we made it to that place.

Wow.. IT'S BIG!

That's our impression before we actually reached the entrance gate.
The entrance gate was quite pretty with intricate design (if I didn't mis-notice heheh) so I got a little more optimistic. It could have been better than I had imagined, I thought.

The ticket was IDR 10K per person CMIIW. Cheap!

It's a big complex exhibiting various traditional houses of Indonesia tribes, surrounding a pond of miniature of Indonesia's islands. If you can't get what I mean, check this link for yourselves la cos I can not explain it better hahaha.. Have you ever visited The Window of The World (世界之窗) in Shenzhen, China? TMII's concept is similar to that, not as grand of course.. and minus the pond perhaps.. hahah.

Since we're here to take pictures, it's best to explore the garden of eden on foot, isn't it?
We asked for a map from the information center (it looked like a dead-office) so we knew where to start from. It was cloudy, drizzling, and the weather was very humid.

We made a walk and reached the first traditional house I didn't know its name.

Hi, house!

I thought we're only going to see the house's facade, imagine how boring could it be? So I was excited when I found out we could actually get inside the house! Wow, curiosity level raised even higher..

But the door was locked and no one was around.

Till I spotted a cleaning service staff and he told me that the staff was taking a lunch break and would be back after 1pm. That meant one hour later.

Crap..  =.=

We snapped some pictures of the house from outside, then moved around the neighborhood.. snapped some again, then walked to the next few houses-I-also-can-not-recall-their-names... =.=

On our way we saw a golf-car like vehicle which offered a ride for IDR 3K per person. We thought if we had reached half of the whole route and got too tired to continue walking, we could ride this vehicle.

To the second house.
To the third house.

O hai house, what's your name again?

Lucky! The door was opened and finally we got to see how the inside of the house looked like!
Well.... the excitement stayed only for few first minutes. Remember that I said the weather was very humid? It felt worse inside the house!!! I was wearing a loose short-sleeved t-shirt and still sweating like crazy...  Why didn't they install some ACs??! I was busier wiping off sweat than enjoying the house interior. The air inside was musty and the room was poor lit.... Inside, they also exhibited traditional costumes, house appliances, some pictures of local heroes, weaponries, texts explaining history etc.

I was sure my pupils were dilating to its MAXIMUM aperture, NOT because I felt excited looking at each of them, but ultimately because of the poor lighting!! Geeezzzz......

OMG I kinda feel that what I write here is ruining our tourism promotion effort lololol.. XD

To the fourth house.

Met the Seulawah, the first Indonesia's carrier airplane. I don't know it's the authentic one or just a replica, but above all, I had no idea why they placed it here amongst the traditional houses.. Should be in an aviation museum, shouldn't it?

On the way to the fifth house.....


Ohhh couldn't stand this anymore.... WE FINALLY GAVE UP!!!
I was sssooooooooo relieved when Ady suggested to go back to the car and just finish the route by driving mwahahahahhhh~~

Proven that it had not changed at all since 15 years ago yeah!!! xDDD

When we first arrived I wondered why it's so quite and desolate there, Ady replied that it was weekday so it's normal if only few people came. We did see some groups of school student at the museums, but within the traditional houses exhibition area we only noticed no more than 10 people. It was very very lonely and sad there, and now I know why!

It's just not interesting!

Visiting the first house was interesting.. but after few ones, it's just dead-boring!! No attractions at all, plain boredom!

And the song they played through the speakers, can you guess??

It's a song by BROERY MARANTIKA!!!!! *faints*

I do not dislike him though I'm not a fan as well, but out of all songs in the country, why Broery's??

Very. Nostalgic. TYVM.

I think it'd be better if they played either national or traditional songs since the whole complex is supposed to show off the various cultures this country has. And I could be happily singing along cos I still remember about  15-16 songs from various parts of Indonesia mwahahahah.....

Oh yeah, almost forget to tell you that TMII has museums, too. You can go to the website for more infos cos we didn't check 'em out... The museums had a lot more visitors (like I said earlier, school students) than the houses, so perhaps they're much more worth going..


Eh, we did check the Istana Anak (or The Castle of Indonesia Children)..... but from outside only! The buiding's exterior looked kinda interesting. If you want to get inside the castle you need to buy a ticket for IDR 5K per person.

Cheap, not???

It's too fucking cheap that I keep wondering where they earn their money from to keep the whole complex running. You know.. Houses, museums, buildings, all need maintenance.. The staffs also need salary.. And who pays for electricity, water, and phone bills?

No wonder they don't install air conditioner there.. *nods head*

Well... I don't intend my post to discourage anyone from paying a visit to it hahahahaa.... Seriously I've read some positive reviews of it. Perhaps it's just me, perhaps it's just the weather. Different variables lead to different results, right? I saw children were mostly happy and having fun ;)

Spent the rest of the day in Pondok Indah Mall (I like this mall very much) and fX, and that concluded my trip!!

Phewww.... writing a long post is tiring....

So, do I like this city, you ask?

Well... It's only three days, how could I answer that? But like it or not, if I have to move there then all I can do is coping with the situations. U know, now back in this town, I somehow drive more patiently and even not get provoked in a traffic jam as easily as before. Cos I know it is really nothing... hahaha.
Imil also posted on her blog about her mad experience while visiting this city hahaha.. I was lucky I didn't encounter her situation, thanks to Ady, the great company and driver, too!! Hahahaha... Hey buddy, I hope you've recovered from flu already!! Come to Surabaya and let's go to the mountain! :D



I've changed my mind again!!!! For the ump-teenth times already hahahaha...

I know.. I know.... This time for sure la.

Within these eight months, I didn't know what I had been doing... what I had been thinking.... those were so NOT me! Will blame myself for getting distracted mad easily...

But thanks God, you've sent a person to open my eyes again, to remind me of what I used to dream of..

This time it's confusing, but this is EXACTLY what I want! This is EXACTLY what I'm passionate about!!

God please guide me...
Mother Mary please walk with me..

I'm back catching my old dream~~

Hello, hard work! :))


my heart goes with the sound of music

Do, a deer a female deer
Re, a drop of golden sun
Mi, a name I call myself
Fa, a long long way to run~~

Feel familiar to the song above?? Don't say you don't cos I might faint right now haha... It's the "Do-Re-Mi" song from the famous musical movie THE SOUND OF MUSIC, which celebrated its 45th anniversary this year!!!! OMG... FOURTY FIVE years since its release date, it has been embraced by its fanatic viewers and being bequeathed to generations!! Sure there are many great Oscar-winning movies out there, but how many movies do you know that were watched by our grandparents and their children in their younger years, and still become their grandchildren's forever favorite pieces in the next fifty years?? How many movies do you know as timeless as it is?

I can say, only Fraulein Maria and The Von Trapp Family who can do it!

And that's the classic picture of the movie, showing Maria singing "Sound of Music" on the Alps Mountain.

You know, dated back the technology used in making a movie wasn't as well-developed as we are having now. Thus they put more effort in filming a well-written story with good scenes, magnificent sceneries, and heart-moving songs. There's no single scene I didn't cherish to see in this movie. Almost all of them are my favorites, from the very beginning Maria runs across the flower fields, the abbey, the places she takes the children to for playing while their father is on trip, the moments they sings, dances, yodels in their puppet show, and of course, the beautiful house the Von Trapp family lives in!! There's no single song I don't like to sing along in this movie. All of them were very well written, heart-moving, and convey good messages, too.. :,) Well, these words come from a musical movie's addict who almost hardly sit still every time she watches Chicago and Glee hehee... but I don't think you can hate this movie, it's just too lovely.. ♥ Plus, I always have a 'connection' to the 40's to 60's, like in World War or Nazi era.. I'm always fond of the settings, the clothes, the hairstyles, but I'm not a fan of Holocaust.

When I was watching this movie for the first time, I was only sixteen. It was Christmas and I immediately fell in love. I remembered I ever wished I was a Von Trapp family member, born as Liesl, the first daughter of the family and lived in that house, too.

She's a beauty with bright blue eyes, wears pretty dresses, and her hair is always lovely and tied up in ribbons.. I wish at the same age with her, I could be as a lady as her.  She's the one I used to want to grow up like. Too bad, I was much like a boy than a girl.. but, see! I still had that little-girl heart inside, didn't I? XDD~~

That's one of my favorite scenes, when Liesl and father sing "Edelweiss" together. To me, "Edelweiss" is the most heart-moving song from this movie as it shows very well how the captain's feeling about his country. At the end when the captain whispers, "....bless my homeland forever...." he always gives me goosebumps. I once thought that it was an Austrian folk song, but later figured out that it was written by Rodgers & Hammerstein for this movie.

Rolf & Liesl singing "Sixteen Going On Seventeen"

But as much as I wanted to be like Liesl, unlike her, the one I had my crush on in this movie is not Rolf. Oh boy, my huge crush is the father aka Captain Georg von Trapp aka Christopher Plummer!!! Hahahaa.... *blush

He's handsome and a gentlemen, it's only normal for me to like him hehehe... and he sings and dances, too!!

Hence my favorite scene muwahahahaha~~~ Unlike Liesl looking fondly at him as a father, I imagine myself looking fondly at him as my boyfie KUAKUAKUA~~~ XDD

*slaps on face

I don't know how many times I have watched this movie for, or have sung along their songs.. The guy I watched in Oprah claimed he had watched this movie for 120++ times during his period as a soldier in Vietnam War!!!! He said that this movie was his only 3-hours-escape to happiness from the events he experienced outside the camp!! Well, it's just like how Maria sings it out....

The hills are alive with the sound of music
With songs they have sung for a thousand years
The hills fill my heart with the sound of music

My heart wants to sing every song it hears
My heart wants to beat like the wings of the birds
That rise from the lake to the trees

My heart wants to sigh like a chime
That flies from a church on a breeze
To laugh like a brook when it trips

And falls over stones on its way
To sing through the night
Like a lark who is learning to pray

I go to the hills when my heart is lonely
I know I will hear what I heard before
My heart will be blessed with the sound of music
And I'll sing once more

And so will my heart~

Auf wiedersehen ♥



I love macro, but I don't have the lens yet, so I usually cheat by applying extreme crop hehe.. However yesterday I decided to try a trick by reversing the 50mm lens.

The results other showed in internet are good, but I undoubtedly failed,  blame my super shaky hands.. XD

I wanna buy more flowers~


raindrops keep falling on my head

Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining
Because I'm free
Nothin's worryin' me



This is not a recently taken picture, but I wanted to learn how to use curves in Lab Color so I used this one.. I like how it popped the color, but I guess a lil' too much for the flower.. Don't you think so? I should retry but me ish too lazy to do that hehe.. :P

My brother has just come back from his office trip to Bali, and he made me dead-envious as he scuba dived in Nusa Dua and spotted razor fishes and blowfishes, which he described as, 'fugly but mad cute'! T_________T

I also wanna see blowfishes.... :((((((((((

Last time I fun dived in Tanjung Benoa, the instructor only took me down to 5 meters.. I was excited though there wasn't much to see, the fishes and the corals were so-so. But he dived down to 9 meters thus he spotted them and many other fishes he couldn't name.

Razor Fish
(picture from internet)

And this one...

(picture from internet)

Don't you think it's FRIGGIN' CUTEEEE?????!!!!

Everytime I see blowfishes (image of course, not in real life) I always wanna LOL cos they always look so fucking hilarious mwahahahaha...... XDDD

Argghhh....... I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want!!!!


cry baby

Few days ago I dug my sister's DVDs and found this movie...

Be With You (いま、会いにゆきます)

...which was sad-ending, and I ended up weeping non-stoply.. was afraid that I had to go to the clinic with swollen eyes but thanks God, I didn't.. =.= Okay la, you never saw me crying over clinic hardships, even when I failed Oral Med.. You never saw me crying from being wounded during childhood, even when I almost broke my lower incisors. But when it comes to movies, I'm turning into such a major weeper..

Especially sad love-themed ones... =.=""

Yeah, if you feel nauseous don't bother to read further and just press Alt+F4 quickly la...

That's why I almost never watch dramas in the cinema.. Very very occasionally, I think, unless my friends want to go together, cos I never know I might come across touching scenes. After my eyes become so watery, I hate making effort not to cry! 

Suckers, i know.

Also watched this one..

Halfway (ハルフウェイ)

But this doesn't make me cry la.. It's a kind of slow-paced movie, if it fits your taste.. I don't usually like this kind cos more often I become bored to death in the first 10 minutes hehe.. but this one is different and kinda cute.. :)

Anyway, mom's asking me if I want to accompany her going to Semarang and Yogyakarta next weekend. It's only a 3D2N trip, will spend Friday in Semarang, then head to Yogyakarta on Sat and leave to Surabaya on Sun. Too short la, I wonder if I would get tired more on the train than the sightseeing.. She said she could go by herself though, hahaha...


good friday

Went to the movie with Luci and Camel for Eat, Pray, Love! The story is standard, but me likey Javier Bardem hehee.. Have been liking him since he appeared in Grey's Anatomy despite his short appearance..


twins?? @.@

Ohh noo.... I've mistakenly recognized him as Jeffrey Dean Morgan!!! Zzzzz... how come these men look alike???! The one who played in Grey's Anatomy was actually the man on the right, Dean Morgan hahahaaaa.... XD


I like the Italy part, made me craving so bad for thin-crust pizza!!! OMG, I also want to have the whole pan only for myself!! Where can I find it here?? 

I don't like the India part.. no particular reason, only because it's telling me how Liz's trying to get her spiritual balance (read: too much meditation, no travelling scene = boring)

And at last.. I like the Indonesia part! Ubud is beautiful, yea... Ketut Liyer and his female assistant are funny, and both of Liz and Felipe's houses are pretty!! If someday I go back to Bali I also want to rent a place like that and spend a whole day's worth only lazying on my bed, reading books, or admiring the view. What a relaxing holiday it could be!

K, nuff of daydreaming!

The work in school today was fun, too. I had anticipated that the students would rebel during examination, but they didn't. They were a lil' too noisy, but it's okay and still manageable. Love them! :) Therefore the examination finished earlier than I thought so I had the chance to try the canteen's food hehe..

This one is very good! Beef and green peas sweet soup, topped with Chinese style fried chicken chunks and crispy shallot. And this stuffed my stomach very well!

Guess the price!
Only IDR 5K!!! *faint*

Damn, I looooveeeeee school's canteen XDD~~

P.S. Checked Lee Hom's newest album in the mall but it still isn't there yet... Tsk tsk tsk.. what makes Sony BMG take frigging long time to release it here?!! Oh, c'monnnn.... :S


junk I love

After my corned-beef addiction is over, now it's SPAM's turn!! Am marking four days now, in a row... XD
I usually like it thin-sliced with crispy-fried edge, but I also used to eat it right from the can hehe..


another engagement

Last Sunday I was asked by a friend to help her taking photos of her friend's engagement. What made me nervous was not because the groom was one of the national badminton player or that he won a gold medal in Beijing Olympic 2008 (pheww~), but more because I hadn't practiced with my camera at all for more than a month!

However, promise must be fulfilled.

That was my very first time taking photos of a stranger's event (I had only been introduced to the bride and the groom right on the location!). Lesson learnt:

  1. Shooting only with prime lens (I used my 50/1.8, a lil too narrow on my cam body) in room full of people is not a good idea. A lot of times I felt I needed to step further or closer to the subject and I couldn't do that as I always bumped into somebody. It got worse as most of the guests were the elderly.
  2. My kit lens wasn't as terrible as I thought. I used it for group photos at its max aperture and still got pretty decent pictures. However, when it's used at full zoom, the pictures turned crappy ;P
  3. I should have had breakfast before.
  4. I should have had more and more conversation with the couple and their family. The only reason why I couldn't get pictures I had imagined was because I felt too awkward to ask them posing for me.
  5. RAW files only made me lazier to start photoediting.. XD

I have started editing some, but still have loads of photos waiting in the line hahaha... *hopeless*

I didn't think I had done well, but I hope I won't make the same mistakes in the future time :)

P.S. I change my blog template again, you likey?


things to do before 30

Aaaahhh... akhirnya saya bisa bikin target jugaaaakk! Hihihi... jangka pendek sih, makanya isinya banyak senang2nya hehe.. Kalo yang agak serius saya masukin ke target jangka panjang. Tapi, itu rahasia!! :P

1)Master Chinese Language Yeah, sebenernya pengen nambahin Cantonese juga seh, secara logat Canton itu kedengeran lebih seksaayy XD *awww~ Tony Leunggg~ ♥* Tapi berhubung Mandarin aja udah susyah setengah mampus, yah ntar belajar Canton-nya sambil jalan dah. Gaaaaakk, gak pake les huayu kayak dulu lagi, ga ada waktu dan males.. kalo ambil kelas, adanya cuman 簡體字, padahal kan saya mo blajarnya yang 繁體字.. kalo les privat, kurang kompetitif.. Jadi, belajarnya lewat pilem atau streaming HitoFM aja hahaha...

2)Get specialized Sejauh ini masih pilih Perio sih.. Tauk deh kalo ntar2 berubah pikiran lagi. Yessi gitu lohh.. hahaha. Sebenernya kerjaan GP asik juga, cuman ya ingin memuaskan hasrat bersekolah :P

3)Get a diving license Ya ya you may yawn now.. perasaan wish macam ini dah ditulis dari setahun yang lalu tapi gak kesampian juga sampe sekarang haha.. Biarin deh.

4)Participate in The Amazing Race Asia Kalo yang ini, pengen ikut audisi nya taon depan, sebelum masuk program spesialis. Hayukk hayukk... sapa mau jadi partner saya?? *wink wink*

5)Watch a gig Lebih spesifiknya sih pengen liat Lee Hom, tapi ya sementara ini konser siapa aja boleh lah yang penting artisnya saya demen. Slash kemaren terpaksa dilewatin karena ga ada yang mau nemenin :(

6)Solo travelling Destination: overseas, and not in a large group. Soalnya selama ini kalo travelling langsung grudukan minimal 10 orang hahahaa...  Later pengen nyoba sendirian atau bareng 1-2 orang temen aja :)


Lho kok? Cuman 6 doang? Iya lah, daripada banyak2 malah gak kesampaian semua.. Umur saya sekarang kan 24 ya, anggaplah setaon fullfill satu wish gitu deh haha. Semogaaa... semogaaa!! Biasanya semangat di awal doang deh, trus buntut2nya gak fokus lagi haha..

Semoga saya semakin giat menabung... hiks hiks. Gak tergoda belanja-belanji atau sering2 makan enak (baca: mahal)...Siap2 hidup di bawah garis kemakmuran deh.


my money runs fast

And I don't know where they have gone, or worse, disappeared into.. It's not like that I've done many shoppings recently. Seriously!! Because I want to buy a new lens so I kept in mind not to buy unnecessary things. Although I slipped sometimes, but I really didn't buy much......

or did I???


Perhaps I've been eating out too often? Well, that might be, as my patience is easily out of the window when I don't have something in my belly.. I can't stand those hypoglycemic symptoms (doh)...  pfft. =.=""

I feel shitty :(

Money, why don't you like staying still in my wallet?

Meanwhile, most of my friends will start their specialist program soon, on Oct 4 if I'm not mistaken. Congratulations, my dear! I also can't wait to start my specialist program, but the enrollment date is still on June next year!!! So bloody long, isn't it? I want to apply as a Periodontics residence in University of Indonesia. In my entire life, I had never been rejected by any school I applied, but getting into a residency program ain't as easy.. My friends who're starting their residency soon had taken the examination twice cos they failed the first one. Lucky, my ex-uni opens the enrollment twice a year so they didn't have to wait too long.. However, in my case, I do not want to fail at all, even on my first time cos waiting for the next examination is too time-wasting as I have to wait for next year till they open the enrollment again.. It's still on June though.. but I might be going there for a pre-enrollment visit hahaha... I want to make sure how the place I'll be studying in looks like... that works as a motivation booster, as well.. xDDD~
If you ever read my posts written when I was in BDS year, you might remember that I wanted so bad to be an oral & maxillofacial surgeon. That's true! I was in love with OMFS... I loved the clinic and the works, how they explained each case was the most make sense IMHO.. I didn't mind studying basic medical science, I didn't even mind studying all those tumors and neoplasias haha.. So why now not choose OMFS? Well, fyi the whole study process takes abt SEVEN YEARS and that includes night-shifts in hospital as well!!!!! When I was more idealistic, studying for seven years long was not a problem as long as I loved my job... even when my friends told me that it's bloody long, but I said I didn't care and I could bear it for the sake of being an OMF surgeon...


myself now has become less idealistic hehe... I'm definitely not who I was two or three years ago ;) So I pick a specialty that still involves A LOT of surgery cos I'm soooooo a blood-thirst hahahahaha.... xD

Kidding!! I'm not Bella Cullen :P


keliling Surabaya Utara

Ha!! Akhirnya hari ini saya jalan-jalaaannn....

Keliling Surabaya Utara sih.. masak taunya cuman JMP sama Gereja Kepanjen doang.. Mumpung hari ini masih libur Idul Fitri juga, jadi jalan ke sana juga sepi. Kalo hari biasa mah males, banyakan berantemnya sama supir2 bemo rese itu =.=


Rencananya sih mau start dari pagi, kira2 jam 8an.. tapi ternyata saya baru bangun jam 10 sodara2... Hahahahaha.... #suckers. Akhirnya berangkat dari rumah baru jam sebelas-an deh :P Kesiangan banget, tapi untung hari ini langit berpihak padakuuu... Mendung euy, pas pula..gak sampe gelap gimana.. Sip!

Jalanan ke sana juga sip! Suepiiii pol, dan yang paling penting..... BEBAS bemo2 siyalan ituh..  hehe... Biasanya kalo dari rumah ke Pasar Atom butuh waktu sekitar 30 menitan, kali ini gak sampe.. Pokoke lancar jaya, cui!

Surabaya Utara ini termasuk kota tua. Banyak bangunan peninggalan Belanda dan letaknya mepet banget sama daerah Pecinan, and you know I'm a sucker for this combo hahaha... Spot pertama yang pengen saya kunjungi adalah Jalan Gula. Itu looo... yang sering jadi spot prewedding atau photoshoot. Dulu saya pernah sekali nyasar ke daerah situ.. tapi wong namanya nyasar, ya gak inget dong kalo disuruh balik ke sana lagi. Apalagi daerah situ kan mayan mbulet dan banyak jalur yang cuman ngebolehin kendaraan jalan satu arah doang. Jadi, kalo tempat yang mau dituju udah kelewatan, ya kudu muter jauh... (Iya gak sih? Apa saya yang emang ga tau jalannya, ya? Hehe..)

Mayan lama lo nyari Jalan Gula-nya.. Pake nyasar ke Jalan Bongkaran pula. Banyak trailer2 ekspedisi yang untungnya, hari ini cuman parkir, gak keliweran... Bayangin kalo jalan pas hari kerja trus mobil saya dipepet sama gajah2 itu T_T

Baru tau ternyata Jalan Bongkaran itu tembusnya ke Kembang Jepun yaa?? *berasa goblok pol*

Baru sekali ini looo, saya melewati Kembang Jepun alias Pecinan-nya Surabaya, hehehe... Kenapa? Ya soalnya kalo hari biasa nih tempat crowded luar biasa, males euy hihihi :P

Setelah mayan lama muter2 akhirnya ketemulah si Jalan Gula. Ternyata tempatnya biasa aje, sodara2!! Hikssss... Apanya yang bagus ya? Memang sih rumah2 di situ masih asli bikinan Belanda, daun pintu dan jendela nya juga.. Tapi gak se-eksotis bayangan saya sih.. Apa Jalan Gula yang saya lewatin tadi gak sama dengan Jalan Gula yang dibuat prewedding itu ya?? xD

Ya udah deh akhirnya cabut lanjut keliling2 deh. Sempat lewat satu kelenteng imut nan lucu di Jalan Selompretan. Pengen turun dan foto2, tapi takut kalo gak dibolehin. Benernya kalo bukan umat situ, boleh gak sih dateng ke sana buat motret2 doang gak pake sembahyang?? Kalo boleh saya juga pengen ke Kelenteng Boen Bio di Jalan Kapasan yang historis itu hehe..

Terussssss.... terusss nyetir sampe keluar di Jalan Karet (kalo gak salah). Nah, di ujung Jalan Karet ini kan jadi semacam tempat pengepulan besi tua, tapi yang ini lebih spesifik barangnya.. tuh, drum2 bekas-nya Pertamina... buanyaaakkkkkkk banget di sini, warna-warni, dan ditumpuk2 sampe tinggi banget, lebih cocok jadi facade rumah deh hahaha... Pengennya sih saya potret.


Baru juga mepetin mobil, eh langsung muncul tole2 Madura... niatnya jadi juru parkir dadakan!! Pwehh.. Males banget lah. Akhirnya gak jadi parkir, saya langsung cabut jalan lagi dah.. Dasar tole2 asemm.. =.=

Oya.. sempat lewat di depan Rumah Abu Keluarga Han. Rumah Abu ini kapan ari sempat masuk koran, pas ada liputan Surabaya Heritage dan acara Melantjong Petjinan kalo saya gak salah. Barusan search di internet, ternyata kalo mau masuk kudu ijin sama yang punya... ya Keluarga Han itu... *ya iya lah..* Yang pas itu ikutan tour Melantjong Petjinan ya bisa masuk dan foto2 di dalem.. huhuhu.. Laen kali mau ikut ah, tapi kayaknya kudu nunggu deket2 Imlek deh.

Trus sempat pengen mampir ke Makam Peneleh juga... Gak kok, saya gak nyekar... juga gak semedi, apalagi nyari wangsit buat nomor togel. Niatnya ya poto2 lah.. Makam Peneleh ini kan makamnya orang Belanda. Tau style cemetery ala Eropa gak, yang banyak salib2 dan patung2 malaikat? Nah, makam Peneleh ini mirip2 gitu lah, tapi (sayangnya) dalam keadaan yang lebih jelek... lha wong orang sini gak bisa ngerawat. Masak tadi pas saya lewat sana, makamnya itu hampir gak keliatan sama sekali dari jalan.. Bukan karena pagarnya yang tinggi, bukan karena pagarnya tembok pula... tapi karena ketutupan sama gerobak2 sampah. Keterlaluan gak sih?! Sudah gitu patung2 malaikatnya banyak yang hilang juga.. jadi ya gak keliatan cantik lagi.. Swt! Pada maling semua...

Oya satu lagi... tadi sempat lewat Stasiun Semut yang lama, yang deket Pasar Atom itu loh. Emang saya tau jalannya dikasih nama Stasiun Kota, tapi no idea kalo ada mantan stasiun di situ. Lha wong bekas bangunannya ditutup sama odong2, trus di depan odong2 itu becak yang ngetem banyak banget.. Jelas gak keliatan lah. Sudah gitu sebagian besar bangunannya hancur dan berlumut. Hancur karena cuaca sih mending.. Masalahnya, yang bikin hancur ya si PT KAI sendiri... sembarangan bongkar tuh bangunan, padahal termasuk bangunan cagar budaya dan dilindungi Pemkot! Ngakunya PT KAI sih, mereka gak ngerti kalo tuh bangunan termasuk cagar budaya! Oh lala~~ *mana otakmuu... mana otakmuu....*

Sayang seribu sayang... Padahal kalo diliat dari sisa2nya, facade-nya, teralis2 besi-nya, kayaknya dulu cakep juga.. T__T

Surabaya Spoor Station, 1900

By the way, Yes... dari tadi ngomong doang, mana poto2nya??????

Lha itu!! Saya kan pergi berdua doang sama adek saya yang cewek.. Secara cuman kita berdua, cewek2 pula, dan daerah yang saya kelilingin tadi termasuk daerah yang banyak orang Madura-nya, akhirnya kita gak berani turun mobil dan foto2 deh... T___________T

Habisnya, bener2 sueeeppiii pi!!

Emang asyik... bisa ngebut... gak ada bemo... harusnya kalo mau motret2 juga bebas... gak ada yang ngeliatin...

Tapi, yah... kalo ada kenapa2 juga, gak ada yang nolongin, kan??!! Biar kata di situ juga banyak perumahan warga, mau teriak sampe pita suara putus, kalo yang punya rumah pada pergi liburan atau pulang kampung juga gimana dong??! *parno*

Liburan Idul Fitri gitu loh.


Gpp si.
Sekarang jalan2 dulu.. Laen kali ke situ rame2 ah.



Teeheee~ a short holiday for Eid Raya finally. However, as for me everyday is like a holiday, this time doesn't feel as special as previous years - as when I was in school and mad busy with clinic requirements. If you don't suffer, you won't know how to enjoy it haha.. ;) Work starts again on Monday, some offices open on Wednesday.. For me, the sooner the better, I'm freaking bored already.. Not that I hate holiday la, but I think I have had too much spare time now that I think I don't need a holiday. Well, at least not in this month, not in next month as well..

Today we had a family dinner to celebrate my sis & bro's birthday. Theirs were on Aug 28, but because my brother was still in Yogyakarta at that time, we postponed and just had it today. Went to our favourite restaurant but I was disappointed they didn't have the shrimp I had been craving for days.. T__T But I finally managed to try the newly-opened Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks. They had been available in Jakarta since quite long time ago, but just opened their very #1 counter in Surabaya only few weeks ago. 

My favouritest had to be 超大雞排 aka XXL Cripsy Chicken!!! 

Took the picture from its web cos I didn't take any. Omg, IT'S DELIRIOUSLY YUMMY!!!! It's super tasty, garlicky, and full of MSG-laden goodness!!!!! I'm salivating and my stomach is growling again as I'm typing this post now..... T_T It's weird enough that when I was in Taipei I also went to several night markets,  but I didn't remember I'd ever had this snack. I think what I only had there were dough fritters and a kind of oyster dish, which was shitty thus made me hesitate to try another dishes.. But a friend told me that it shouldn't taste that bad and perhaps I picked the wrong seller.. Whatever la! Ji pai FTW!!! Hahahaha... xD

Oh yeah, these few days the weather was too friendly... The air is cool, sky is shady... only make me stick to my bed even worse haha.. But tomorrow I'm gonna take a walk'!! I think since it's a Raya, then mostly people are going to relatives' house rather than taking walk on the street. So yeah, I hope the streets are pretty empty... 

Will I have enough will?? We'll see ;)


our almost-pet

Few days ago, our family almost adopted a puppy. Well... almost I say, I even had posted about that here though I then erased it cos yeah... eventually, we didn't adopt him. We had never had dogs before.. I once raised a rabbit when I was in elementary school, and then 6-7 years ago our family had fishes but they'd also been long gone.. Ever since, we never took care of any animals till now. But when we found this puppy on the street, wandering nowhere, alone, mom got no options than taking him back home to save him.. At least to give him a better shelter first...

But fortunately, I don't need much time to find him a new home cos Camel offered herself!!!

Here's how he looks when he arrived at my home...

He looked tired, untreated, sad, and unwell.... He was actually sick, found out after we brought him to a vet the next day. He told me that he's having a mild diarrhea...

About two hours later from the vet, I brought him immediately to Camel's house.. That's because when he arrived back at home, he wasn't unwilling to eat at all and just lied on the floor like picture above. We were clueless about dogs and we were scared that this poor little thing would die on our hands..=.= On the other hand, Camel with four dogs and one bird, whose house was gonna soon turn into a mini-zoo, sure knew how to handle this creature very well...

Surprisingly, soon as we arrived at Camel's, he became healthier. He enthusiastically explored Camel's house and even peed on several spots.. =.= This was how he looked like after 7 hours in Camel's hand. 

Body's cleaned, fur's trimmed, and his fringe was tied up with blue ribbon. Most importantly was, he looked definitely A LOT happier!!! Everyone in our family was happy to hear that as well, though I knew my brother was a lil' disappointed cos he liked the puppy so much.

And yesterday, Camel told me that he's all healthy now (and is a camwhore LOL)~~ Well, you are sure in the right hand, kid :D



I knowww... I knoww.... it's not your cup of tea.. :P



I'm still aliveeee, haha... Instead of blogging, I'm addicted to blipping now hehe.. It's so nice to post my photos there and get some feedbacks from fellow members. Unlike here, I'm like talking to myself and rarely getting feedbacks.. but guess that's because I only have very few readers, eh?? Hahaha.. nvm la.

You guys please check out my blip account : http://blipfoto.com/toofytoof and let me know what you think :)

For me it's just very addictive :P


老大 ;)

My my my.. I want his newest album... Of course I've downloaded it online hehe, but what does that mean to a huge fan without having the real copy?? Hahaha.... I hope Sony BMG Indonesia will quickly release it here! Quick quick quick I beg you pls, all Sony's officers!!!


I quit!!

Finally made that decision!!



There are a lot of things going in my head that I think my head can’t contain em anymore and gonna explode soon. I’m missing my friends! When they’re around, it’s harder to get a headache since I can always easily speak out my feelings, thoughts, and express my emotion. We’re living in the same city, but rarely see each other due to mismatch schedule.. sigh. I’ve been a little depressed recently thanks to, perhaps, some resentful events and bad circumstances I’ve been living (or working) in, desperately gasping for fresh air..

Guess what? Today is like a little bliss.

I enjoy my new work place. I’m not officially in yet, but the athmosphere is very very different. Less people, less problems. Too many (dumb) heads are real disasters. However, it’s only day one, I remember I was pretty passionate when I began working in former place but hatred soon grew after day 3 and already wanted to quit on day 5 lololol… No la. Most of the staffs here are old acquaintances, some even are my classmates and I’ve known them well… Other staffs are so welcoming either that I don’t feel like I’m moving to a new place.. instead, it feels like I’m back to home :D

Other than that, I was delighted to have a little chit chat with Erlin and Nicky just now. Talking to them kinda reminded me of our life in Oral Surgery clinic hehe.. I think the best clinic time I’ve ever had in my BDS life is OMFS haha.. So much tension yet so much fun. Along with Cindy and Kurniawan, we often shared patients and cases, pleaded McDreamy to give us tutorial (hahaha), sneaked out to have lunch, hid together in OR when we’re less energetic to catch up with the requirements… Oh, that time we’re also addicted to OR serials like Grey’s Anatomy etc, but pls be known that McDreamy I refer in this post is definitely not Derek Sheperd yeahh.. hahaha… 

Aaaahhh…. I miss miss miss those moments and McDreamy so baddd!!! Am I like an old granny already, nagging about old times??

But remembering BDS life somehow restores the long-lost passion in work… (wtf I graduated only few months ago!) When I was in school it was so much fun (though miserable, too), but these days in work, it doesn’t feel really fun and kinda boring.. alone..no sharing partners.. I’m so glad those tearful days are over, but I’m longing for the bonds..




deep fried

The weather is freaking weird.. Few days ago it rained so hard that I celebrated we were having rainy season again (I knew it's dumb), but now it's fuckin' hot I feel like somehow the sun is baking/ cooking me?!

Hot weather + PMS = a total hothead and grumpy Yessi! 

To make it worse, I am also suffering from a 4mm ulcer on my left upper lip. It looks very red, inflamed, and is fucking painful.. Oh my, I so need steroid!! I can hardly eat, drink, or even bite my favourite senbei cos it's pricking right into the ulcer..  *tears* Good thing is because this ulcer doesn't let me talk much, thus... however mad I am today, I can't swear cos every time I open my mouth it HURTS so baddd... Nobody gets hurt, at least! So, if you feel I'm ranting a lot in this post, DON'T COMPLAIN!

My dope!! Nothing I crave more than this kind of thirst-quenching liquid, it lifts up my mood though it stings my ulcer (again). Oh crap.

Btw I don't know how to handle tomorrow. I hate my workplace and I've been saying this for 1,463,890 times and was going to submit my resignation last Saturday, but dunno why till today Budi hasn't let me to. "Wait and see," he said.. Wait and see what huh? I don't think I'm mentally capable to work there again.. The schedule is messed up, the boss is pretty messed up too.. To be frank, I'm fed up. Two months is enough.. and enough is enough. I can hardly take orders, esp from a so-called leader like that.. Everything going there is driving me insane!


am not watching


I'm legal now

The long awaited registration certificate is finally on my hand! I had no idea if we'd also get an ID like this, does it give us any privilleges or better, work as a discount card? xD

Been rolling on my bed since morning. No, I'm not skipping work (like I usually do) but the clinic is taking care of registration of all doctors planning to work 'permanently' there.. Since I have no plan for working there 'permanently', I could take a day off hehe.. It's been only less than two months since I joined them, but now I am thinking about moving out. Of all personal preferences, honestly I prefer workplace that offers me opportunities to develop my skill and knowledge. My current workplace can't offer that but the salary is good.. Such a dilemma cos I also need money to pay for leisure. You know me la, I hate working but love travelling haha.. Mom often suggests me to be more thoughtful about that, but like everyone else, who doesn't love travelling? Plus.. after all, what's all the money for? :P


wah.. I'm cooking!!

Out of sudden yeah? My first time btw haha.. Mom's out of town, no food at home, I'm too lazy to drag my ass out for dinner.. nobody's gonna feed me, so I have to feed myself.. xD

Some leftovers in refrigerator soon turned into egg-chicken-mushroom something haha.. 

There were so many small accidents of course, even the simplest first step: defrosting the chicken!!
When I defrosted the mushrooms, I set the timer to 30 sec but they're still frozen.. so I put 'em in again and set it to another 30 sec, and it was successful. When I tried to defrost the chicken, I set it to 30 sec but nothing happened, the whole chicken still looked frozen, so I put it back again and set it to 60 sec. I was confident I set the timer right and patiently waiting in front of the microwave until... PING!!

Not only was it defrosted, one-third of the chicken was cooked as well buahahahahaha!!!!

Oh my god... What's the correct defrosting time for chicken btw??

In conclusion, did it taste good??

It's still edible la... XDD


Jogja: soon!

Yak, seharian ini semua orang rumah lagi in a very good mood! Apalagi kalo bukan karena adek saya yang paling kecil akhirnya dapat sekolah hehehe... :D
Dasar adek saya memang dodol.. Pas Mami pagi2 dah buka koran, ngecek daftar nama di Jawa Pos yang di-print pake size mikro itu, eh dia malah masih enak2an molor di kasur.. Setelah hampir setengah jam melototin halaman per halaman, tiba2 Mami teriak2 heboh, bikin kaget saya yang lagi kunyah-kunyah makanan di deket situ.. Ternyata nama adek saya ada di koran! Tapi karena di koran cuman ditulis nama plus kode fakultas doang (gak pake namanya), saya kan gak ngerti adek saya diterima di uni mana.. secara dia daftar dua tempat, UGM dan Unibraw Malang.. Akhirnya saya ketok2 kamar dia, maksud hati mau tanya kode fakultas itu.. tapi dianya masih asyik membabi. Yang bangun malah adek saya yang satunya dan dia malah bilang, "De'e wes tau kok.. Ketrima ndek UGM, wong tadi malem wes ngecek!" Pantes aja enak2an molor gitu.. XD

Sesorean ini, dia jadi bahan ledekan orang satu rumah.. Tapi dasar adek saya yang paling kecil itu memang kurang ekspresif kalem, jadinya dia ketawa2 biasa doang, gak heboh.. Yang paling heboh? Ya cicinya yang berisik cantik ini dong hahaha... udah sibuk mengkhayal abis bakalan bisa sering2 travelling ke Jogja hahaha... Gak usah bayar akomodasi (ya iya, yang bayar duit sewanya kan emak lo, bego..), tinggal numpang bobok di tempat dia aja hihihi.. Hemat kan? Asik asik asik.. :P Bosen ah maen di Surabaya melulu.. Ntar kalo pas weekend, bisa langsung cabut ke sana deh hahaha... *mengkhayalll.....* xD
Minggu depan kayaknya dia kudu berangkat ke sana buat ngurus pendaftaran ulang. Saya gak tau ikut atau enggak. Soalnya kalo cuman daftar ulang aja kan sebentar, paling 2 hari dah pulang.. Kalo sekalian cari tempat tinggal baru deh saya ikut hehe.. Tapi kayaknya gak asik deh travelling sama mereka, bukan tipe demen kelayapan sih.. Enaknya sih ngajak teman jalan2 bareng gitu.. yah, nanti dipikirkan lagi.. Toh bakal sering ke sana kan? Kekekeke~~



Yesterday was a bit out of my habit.. I am no fan of coffee shops, name them Starbucks, Dante, Excelso.. reasons are simple: 1) I don't tolerate high caffeine drinks very well; 2) I can't feel their meals filling my stomach enough :P
But yesterday, as Red Mango was packed with people, we checked the neighboring counter, a newly-opened coffee shop named Rollaas.

It's owned by PT Perkebunan Nusantara 12 aka PTPN 12. The 'Rollaas' name comes from Javanese word rolas for twelve. Their signature drink is Kopi Luwak (click here for explanation), which is said to be served with a special  brewing tool. But as I was not willing to pay IDR 100K for A CUP of Kopi Luwak, I ordered  other drink hehe..

Mine was Cafe Borgia, recommended by the waitress, comprised of three different layers: mandarin orange, coffee, and whipped cream on top. The waiter explained to me a simple how to drink it. Don't try to stir it! Instead, put the straw in and sip the mandarin layer, then lift a bit and sip the coffee layer, after that lift more and sip the creamy top. Mix 'em in your mouth, not in the glass! 

My verdict? It tasted refreshing! The coffee taste wasn't strong and mandarin orange made it nicer. Eventually I did stir the three layers and it became like...pweh. Hahaha.. better not mix the layers... xD

Also ordered from their pastry list. As we were quite late, all salty pastries were sold out and only sweet desserts were available. 

The chocolate something was great, but the strawberry cheesecake was not :(

Till the end of July, they give 25% off for all beverages. Oh I wanna go again to eat the curry puffs.. And if you don't like coffee, they also serve tea and chocolate drinks.. might try 'em next time :D


no I am not shopping

Inside the bag is.....

the half-done crochet project. Put it there to avoid dust hehe..
I've finished one skein already woohooo~~ but still a long way to go... The stitches look quite tidy here but in real life it's really not la hahaha... xD

Meanwhile, a friend asked me to join her photographing her friend's engagement in October and I am so freaking nervous waa waa waaaaaaa.... I am a pure novice don't know how to handle this... But I said yes I wanted to join her..

Waaa waaa waaaaaaaa....   >.<



Wassup fellas!!! :D

After uploading some pictures from Prita and Ardi's wedding (piccies are available in facebook acc), I'm now boringly waiting for World Cup final match between Netherlands and Spain. Netherlands my love, please win tonight mwach mwach... :*

There's almost no interesting story for this week. Work still sucks, my knitting project is still far from finished, my photography skill doesn't improve as well =.= Grr... photographing people is very difficult yeah?? Anyone knows how NOT to make portraits look like common PnS camera's shot?? I want to make pictures that wow the viewers haha.. xP
Been an illegal (doh) photographer of friend's weddings with Harry has made me tempted to get an external flash, but not sure yet, I don't know it's that necessary for basically I'm a big fan of natural lights hehe.. but seeing him so convenient taking pictures while I'm abusing my camera's ISO system, built-in flash, and still the picture outcomes aren't nice, it's like.... sigh, I want that damn speedlite hahahaha... xD Also want a new lens after seeing Frendy got a 135mm f2 L lens! Woh, an L lens I also want ahhh!!! Hahaha...

Ah, impulsive buying. I need to master my current gear first before adding more.... *repeating these words to help me resist the buying urge*

Mental note: next time will find longer dresses for easy squatting while taking pictures.. =.="



Taking pictures of your own hands could be very difficult.. I started this project on last Thu and haven't progressed too far yet though I'm working on it every day and while watching football too (only if the play is boring.. :P).. You may not believe it, but for me crocheting relieves tension from work.. and it's addictive too.. Can hardly stop myself at night to sleep hahaha.. Bought two skeins of DMC yarn and it's not cheap, so I hope I'll have enough commitment to finish this..  I hope the result will be good as well.. And in perfect size.. Cos if it's not, I'm going mad.. XD Can you guess what it is? HINT: It's something wearable.. ;)



Gilaaaaaaaaa... Lama-lama saya bisa gila kerja di sini.. Tiap hari kayak psywar terus2an, apalagi punya perawat bermulut cablak *mentolo ngaploki* Duh, baru sekali ini lo liat perawat trus bawaannya langsung pengen ngejahit tuh mulut. Perawat2 saya di tempat sebelumnya itu bener2 bawaan perawat, gak kebanyakan mulut, gak berisik, gak gatel. Mampus.

Dah hampir sebulan kerja di sini, enjoy sedikitpun juga enggak.. Malah baru hari ke-5 saya dah pengen resign aja.. Orang2nya sih baek2 saja, kecuali dua perawat berisik itu. Tapi saya gak cocok sama sistem kerjanya. Amsyong. Capek. Jenuh. Plus, koordinatornya tuh kayak maksain kehendak, ngejar target pasien. Klinik yang lebay. Tambah lagi sering ngomong pelayanan2... Cueeehhhh. Sori ya, saya agak sensi kalo denger orang mengait-kaitkan pekerjaan dengan Tuhan dan agama. Kalo saya sih nganggep ini pekerjaan.. Gua kerja, lu bayar. Habis cerita. Gak usah pake embel2 apapun. Swt.
Saya gak suka disuruh baksos gigi. Kalo tempatnya oke sih gak masalah ya. Tapi seringkali tuh tempat yang dikunjungin gak layak, gak sanitair, gak cukup space buat naruh alat, buat pasien duduk kalo mau exo. Gila, lu kira dokter gigi kayak dokter umum? Modal stetoskop doang dah bisa kasih obat ke orang? Enak kali!  Belum lagi kalo pas ada pasien exo, pasien2 yang lain pada ngerubutin, seakan2 saya ini lagi demo apaan.. Langsung pengen ngusir deh! Tapi paling utama ya, saya gak bisa ngasih tindakan pake alat yang cuman dicelup NaOCl dan alkohol. Gila, exo itu kan termasuk minor surgery seh, dodol???!!! Mau transfer penyakit ya???? Mending saya gak usah kerja sekalian.. Sekarang balikin lagi, katanya pelayanan, tapi kalo malah nular2in penyakit apa gak bullshit itu? Saya sendiri kalo jadi pasien, ya gak mau digitukan... sudah gak punya duit, berharap dapat pengobatan gratis, eh malah bonus penyakit baru!! Emoh yo disuruh nanggung dosanya.. Enak aja. Mending dibilang makan gaji buta. Kalo gak puas, ya silahkan cari dokter gigi lain yang bersedia melakukan itu! 

Asli, dah pengen resign bolak-balik. Kalo nemu tempat yang lebih baik, saya pasti langsung cao dah. Kemarin lusa, klinik giginya dah fully-installed... Bulan depan saya dan dokter gigi satunya bisa gantian jaga klinik dan ikut baksos. Liat ntar deh, bisa enjoy apa gak di kliniknya. Kalo sama aja, duh.. mboh wes.


nomming on Michel & Immilia wedding

I discovered that shooting RAW was really helpful.. The lighting could have ruined the color, but since I kept the pictures in RAW it's easy to make WB adjusment hehe.. :D



Just a little update, I attended Grace's wedding on last Sat night and will be attending Imil's wedding on next Sat night.. There will be more such occasions till end of year and that means there will be more opportunities for me practicing photography. Bleahhhhh, I even called it photography while my shots were still nothing near amazing hahaha... XD
Grace's wedding was the first time where I took wedding shots. And it's veryyyy difficult yeah? It's difficult to keep up with composition while not losing the moment, so Harry helped me taking some shots from the holy matrimony for he's more experienced haha.. While shooting Grace's, I used mostly my kit lens which later I regret for the nifty fifty could have produced much better photos. It's just because I was wearing high heels and with the 50/f1.8 I had to move around A LOT more and it's painful.. T_T Must practice walking a lot in high heels, maybe?

P.S./ I still don't like my new office.. Some of them are still annoying though I get along better with some more..


I'm becoming older, happily I guess... :D

Only one year less to quarter century now hehe...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, I'm feeling great. The only thing I wait in my birth day is hong bao from parents hahahaha... kidding! xD
Time flies not? It feels like just yesterday I celebrated my birthday with my friends.. This year I have it my family *smooch*


the nifty fifty

Yesh, it is Canon 50mm f/1.8 II, as suggested by many fellow Canon users haha.. I bought it on last Thu also from Sentradigital, cost me IDR 950K.

The salesperson told me to stop down to f2.8 to ensure the object look tack sharp. And it does, I can see every detail and it's difficult to look back to the kit lens now haha... But I'm still in trouble cos most pictures I snapped look blur, perhaps due to my shaky hands?? =.= If I use the maximum aperture, it makes the picture look blur on some unwanted parts.. but if I stop down further, the camera sets to slower shutter speed and again, my shaky hands are really pissing me off..

f2.8, exposure 1/4 sec, ISO 1600

As seen on the picture above, I want the entire shrimp look sharp but I can't stop down even more cos the picture will turn out blurry, esp cos the light isn't sufficient here.. :( Suggestions, anyone?


eyeing a new toy again (part II)

My baby toy needs a new friend and I'm thinking about getting him a new one.. Only thinking about that already drives me mad happy haha..

I soo can't wait~~ XD

I'm in a much better mood than yesterday :)

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