best friends for life


J.Co, Surabaya Town Square - 18.03.10


minus Sen and Jefta

The last time I met them was on Sen's wedding and Hendry was overseas at that time so yeaahhh... I miss them too much!!! Unfortunately, Sen and Jefta couldn't join us this time as they're both out of town, so we left them hehe...

Well... I'm not a very friendly person.. Even though I can hang around with many people or chit chat with them for hours, I need long long time before developing good friendship and eventually open myself to whom I call friends. Okay I suck at human relationships, but I believe that like romance, friendship won't last forever unless you're willing to make efforts on it.

We've been friends since senior highschool and it's funny to think how six of us have become friends like today. I even have known Anne since first year of junior high. We were classmates and I didn't really like her at that time. She was super arrogant and I was dead-pissed off with her. I wasn't close with her, but we became classmates again on the second year. This time was better. I didn't really hate her, but not quite liked her as well. We shared desk for a while, but we rarely spent break time together. There was a time when we argued hard about who had asked to sit with who first. She said that I had begged her to share desk with her, but I insisted I had not and we keep arguing about this till this time haha.. xD On the third year, we were placed in different classes but I thought we started to become closer. Both of us joined volley club, skipped classes for volley competition, and spent break time more frequently. We then entered St. Louis highschool together. She and I became classmates again for two years and we shared the same desk from the very beginning until the end. This was when we met the four guys: Sen, Hendry, Apri, and Jefta.

And the story began with hatred again lol xD
Anne and I hated these guys, and these guys hated us also. These guys always sat on front rows whilst Anne and I always sat on the very back of the class. Whilst Anne and I were thinking that they looked like teacher's pets and impersonating F4 from Taiwan (was really popular back then..), these guys thought that both of us were fucking annoying, always looking for teacher's attention, noisy, and rebellious. Whilst we hated Jefta at the very first place because he wore orange belt (whereas our uniform was white and blue in color), they hated us because we were shameless and disturbing (they said we were always commenting on teacher's questions and statements and that made them sick ROFLMAO~~)..

But hatred has become love :)

Since the day we became friends, I couldn't remember how many times I laughed with them, hang out with them, made fun of teachers (well, Anne and I did, they only watched hehe..), did silly things with them.. I am so grateful for knowing all of them. There were times when I held back and focused myself to university exam, but I'm glad we remain friends :) They make me put a little more faith in friendship, and I do hope that we can still be friends till we grow old later..


Anne May 7, 2010 at 8:48 PM  

"And the story began with hatred again" hahahahahahahahaha... lucu e...
Well, I miss these moments so much...

It`s impossible to turn back the time, but for sure those were some of the best momments in my life. even it`s quite difficult to meet you all now..
Time is running so fast, everything has changed.

Thanks guys for everything.

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