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After getting few extras for my dslr, one thing left was the camera bag. Of course it's impossible for me to hand carry or hang the camera on my neck to wherever I go, so I need a decent bag to ease me plus keep the toy safe from knock/ scratch. But looking for it wasn't as easy as looking for an everyday handbag cos all of them were mostly black and looked like bento-bags.. I intended to buy something like my friend's at first but after check it on the store, it didn't suit my taste hehe.. :P

This one from Lowepro is called Passport Sling Bag and as soon as I saw it on the web, I immediately wanted to buy this. Reasons are it looks like a 'normal' bag and doesn't scream like, "Hellooo I'm hiding something expensive here.. Steal me!" like this one....

This one from Vanguard is better cos the cushion is thicker, lining is bright-colored, and has removable rain cover too. Sure better protection, but...... VERY BULKY, damn fat, plus I don't like the hand strap and the clasp.. Fugly.. :P

Unfortunately, the local stores here doesn't have Passport Sling Bag and I'm only left with a pile of square-shaped ones.. T_T

So, I picked this one..

Also from Vanguard, but it's more sleek and not as bulky as that one. The downside is it uses velcro for closure instead of zippers, but I think it doesn't matter as I will never flip my camera bag upside down (insane already mah?) Plus, it still looks like a normal messenger bag, doesn't it? :P


Ryuuji May 30, 2010 at 2:04 AM  

Hahaha..yang pertama lebih keren :P
Crumpler di Indo ga ada ya? Banyak model casual yang bagus2 lho.

Margaretha Yessi May 30, 2010 at 3:52 PM  

Tokonya ada jual Crumpler sih, tapi pas modelnya ga ada yang gua suka.. Makanya itu, bagus yang pertama kan?? Sayang out of stock dan ga tau kapan baru ada lagi.. T__T

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