My first e-reader

For a few while back, I had troubles with my sleeping pattern. I could not fall asleep and even if I did, I was not really sleeping and woke up few hours later with terrible groggy feeling. This stressed me out as I can not be deprived of my sleep or else I'll turn into a nasty bitch. Also, how to focus at my work if I feel lethargic throughout the day? This sleeping problem also caused me these horrid dark circles. Meh. I slab so much eye cream they still don't change. This brings out the point : cure to dark circles = a sound sleep!

And this is where my Kindle comes to rescue mwahahaha!

Moi Kindle.

Ok this is a bit outdated since I got this few months ago. But I still love to bits!! Not a single time I regret purchasing this gadget, perhaps also one of my best-buys of the year hahaha. Don't talk to me about buying a tablet. I have zero interest in owning a tablet. I might as well choose my Kindle over my smartphone. Reading this for 30 mins at night before sleeping and I'm guaranteed heavy eyelids afterwards. But of course it doesn't happen with adrenaline-pumping novel like Dan Brown's or Lois Lowry's omnibus etc. 

Oh well.. I said I didn't regret buying this at all, but actually I do. I regret not buying the touchscreen version, Kindle Paperwhite. It's kinda troublesome to use the D-cursor to do highlight or to look up the dictionary. The Paperwhite is priced at about IDR 500K more expensive than Kindle 5, and I was tight with my budget at that time :(( Nevermind, next time got spare money can directly upgrade to Paperwhite and give this to le bf hahaha. I don't know if my boyfriend loves reading, but he has shown interest in this e-reader.

Reading on an e-reader is also much much less tiring than reading on the laptop screen. Hence less strain to the eyes. I can read for 4 hours straight, the reason I stop because my neck hurts already. But not my eyes. That's not something I can do with my laptop, where I can only read for 1-2 hours the most. Do note that I say 'read', not 'browse' ahahaha.

But do you know the most delighting point of having an e-reader?

I don't need to buy paperbacks anymore and that saves me a lot of money!!
That's because I download all my e-book illegally wtf *shame*. Amazon doesn't accept my CC then how la.. I of course do not encourage you to do so, if you got access then go buy the digital version, okay? Otherwise these writer will never write anymore. What's the point of working if it doesn't earn them money? But seriously. An English paperback here costs around IDR 200-300K. And that's only ONE book! I have read around 20 books in my Kindle, and that would sum to IDR 4-6 million!! Some books are worth reading for only once, but some are really impressive that I plan to collect their paperbacks. 

K that's all the story of my Kindle. Next time will share my other best-buys, I'm still in the period of trying and testing 'em out! 


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