When I first re-activate this blog, I planned to post regularly like once every two or three days, but of course easier spoken than done ehehe.

I have received two good news today, but can't disclose it here cos I don't wanna jinx it before finalised. Let's cross finger and pray for the very best :D

Bf's birthday is coming closer, and so is mine. Funny that our bdays are only two days apart. And I still haven't got presents for him. I don't really know what's he's needing now. Shoes, sandals, clothes, NOPE. Belt, wallet, pants, bag, NOPE. What I know for sure is that he needs a good partner to start up his business, but of course I can't offer that.. =.= 

In the other hand, I (as any other female human in the world) always want everything money can buy hahahahaha. It's not hard to get me a present because I'm well aware of what I want need. Ask me what I want for my bday and I can give you a list of goods sorted by my preference level *noshame.

I didn't really remember what I did on my birthday last year, but for this year, I want to bring my family for a dinner. Full team, that includes our bf/gf. Sadly my youngest brother will still be in Yogyakarta since it's not his full-term break. Maybe still can't afford the fancy type restaurant cos I have some bills I need to settle by the end of this month hahaha.. But it won't be another Chinese food la cos we always have it on CNY and mom's bday.

Talking about dinner, I wasn't actually a family girl at the beginning. Well, I love my family of course, but never get to spend 'private' time or share mushy-mushy feelings amongst us. I joke around with my mom and siblings, we curse at each other (siblings, not at my mom of course) ahaha.. but family dinner was very rare. It's only after I dated my current bf that I, or we, began to have regular dinner together. Because bf's family loves having dinner outside together and this kinda influences me. So I also started to bring this habit to my family as well.


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