Hello again!


I must lick my own words heh? Saying that I closed this blog, after two years I just got back my sanity, why should I close this blog? :P

I can't leave blogging at all. Yes, I have my own diary at home, safely kept in secret. But, it's really not the same with blogging ya.. As thru blogging you get that 'tiny bit' of attention you secretly are craving for hahahaha.

Not that I'm seeking your attention, okay?

So two years from my last post fast-forward, life is kinda different. Two years ago I still didn't have a fixed workplace and didn't really know what direction I was going to pursue in my life. Now, I kinda get the image about what I want to achieve in my life. Seriously, having your own business takes so much of yourselves, but it's the also the biggest push you need to keep going.

Never a single day in my past one-and-half year to be precise I did not think about my business, my cases, my clients, and every tid-bits involved in that.

It has depleted my energy beyond expectation and maybe also sucked out the youth in me #gross.
BUT, I'm happier this way!

Remember I used to keep saying about studying overseas about 2-3 years ago?

Just few while then I asked myself again, whether I regret for not pursuing harder for the chance or not.

Given the chance I would still love to go for continuing my education abroad, but at that time, I was not sure I wanted to go overseas for the sole purpose of study or I just get bored with my life and my country. The reason why I didn't fight harder was partly because I did not really want that.

Partly because I was lazy la..

But running my own business really puts me back into the right track. I now know what I want to do, what I want to achieve. I can even break 'em down in particular time-intervals hehe.

Dun think I'm going to be like this when I was still in uni. Cos at that time, I really hated the idea of working, not the money of course, but the general idea of responsibility, commitment, etc.

Maybe because I'm a grown up now hahaha #vomitsblood.

Meanwhile, I am trying to restore some of the old entries. I used to lock 'em all in drafts because of the closure. Such a hardwork haih..


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