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Tomorrow is a public holiday. In fact, we got two public holidays this week, on Tue and Thu. It's kinda an ineffective working week for most companies so many of them shut their office off this week, but mine is not a company so I am still working as usual though I also take leave on red marked days.

On random side,
I had been very indecisive towards eye-cream buying. I'm 28 this year, and I should have incorporated eye care into my routine. Taking a quick flashback, I used to be so vain and fussy with skincares, until four years ago when my skin broke out in rashes and pimples. I had been going to many doctors and they all diagnosed me with acne, but their medication never completely healed my face and instead, led to another problem which I'm dealing with right now, thin red sensitive skin. During these four (torturing) years, I have never been able to take proper skincare.

Cos every goddamn thing broke me out.

It only seemed to work for 2 weeks the longest then it turned my skin crazy. The healing of the rash usually took longer than 2 weeks fml. This evilish cycle went on and on till I decided to stop putting on anything on June last year, because the last doctor I visited seemed hopeless and prescribed me with topical steroids to calm my angry skin. It's up to you to believe whether topical steroid addiction is real or not, but in my case, one I got used to the steroid, I couldn't NOT use it, not even a single day, or else my skin turned crazy again.

It's been almost year and my skin has not completely healed. Improvement is also baby steps.

Then I began seeing fine lines under my eyes. I know it's not merely from me having neglected the proper care of skin around my eyes, but also exaggerated by my work and habit. I often unconsciously squint my eyes while treating my patients and when I'm not treating my patients, I'm never off of my computer screen f-myeyes-l hahaha.

It kinda serves me right.

So so so, this brought me back to the eye cream topic (god how much have I been digressing). I was in between buying the cream from this one usual brand I used to use (before I got that problem), but was kinda reluctant to burn my money for only one tiny pot of 15ml product. Well, this hesitation also 'surprised' me because four years ago, I never thought twice when I wanted to buy their products. I don't know it's because I haven't skincare-shopped in so long time (hence I'm no longer used to spending such an amount on a cream) or I've finally got the sanity that that hefty amount of money are better spent on paying my assistant salary hahahaha. Did a quite good amount of research and it's concluded that even the most expensive eye cream won't be able to correct imperfections like wrinkles and dark-circles. A good quality sleep and, of course, some surgery procedures will.

So yeah, I decided to go with one of the most popular drugstore brand one, which cost me one-sixth of that branded one!

Viva thrifty lifestyle! Hahahah.

Well, maybe if I eventually have more spare, I'll just succumb into their marketing gimmicks. Who knows if the expensive ones do give more stellar result than their cheaper competitors? Anti-aging products are aimed to delay/ correct aging imperfections, and as any other skincare products, the results are not meant to be visible in weeks or months.What if thirty years from now, I will look much younger if I have been religiously using the expensive skincares than the cheap ones? I don't know if I am gonna use their products only to be on the 'safe' side, for a placebo effect. That means, if my skin does eventually sag, I already do my best with it and only cosmetic surgery can help then hehehe.

Ok then back to my problematic skin topic again (I'm such a terrible writer LOL).
I often wonder when it'll eventually stop reacting and why it should have happened at the first place, on me? I didn't remember I had done anything wrong with it, I took a good care, yet it suddenly flared like crazy, and only got worse since. However, there's always hope and I never put off my hope. As I said earlier, improvements are baby steps, but every step counts.

I only thank God for He's given me confidence beyond average ahahaha.. though it sometimes annoys me when people ask and then play smart by giving this and that advices. Just shut up la. Also when someone is so eager examining my face when we are crossing path. At the beginning years, I used to avoid them.. but nowadays, I stare back at their very eyes and send a threatening vibe till they glance away HAHAHA. So fun, so fun.

Walao, just now it occured to me, maybe my skin problem is a curse because I have spent too much money for vanity instead of charity? :O


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