cry baby

Few days ago I dug my sister's DVDs and found this movie...

Be With You (いま、会いにゆきます)

...which was sad-ending, and I ended up weeping non-stoply.. was afraid that I had to go to the clinic with swollen eyes but thanks God, I didn't.. =.= Okay la, you never saw me crying over clinic hardships, even when I failed Oral Med.. You never saw me crying from being wounded during childhood, even when I almost broke my lower incisors. But when it comes to movies, I'm turning into such a major weeper..

Especially sad love-themed ones... =.=""

Yeah, if you feel nauseous don't bother to read further and just press Alt+F4 quickly la...

That's why I almost never watch dramas in the cinema.. Very very occasionally, I think, unless my friends want to go together, cos I never know I might come across touching scenes. After my eyes become so watery, I hate making effort not to cry! 

Suckers, i know.

Also watched this one..

Halfway (ハルフウェイ)

But this doesn't make me cry la.. It's a kind of slow-paced movie, if it fits your taste.. I don't usually like this kind cos more often I become bored to death in the first 10 minutes hehe.. but this one is different and kinda cute.. :)

Anyway, mom's asking me if I want to accompany her going to Semarang and Yogyakarta next weekend. It's only a 3D2N trip, will spend Friday in Semarang, then head to Yogyakarta on Sat and leave to Surabaya on Sun. Too short la, I wonder if I would get tired more on the train than the sightseeing.. She said she could go by herself though, hahaha...


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