another engagement

Last Sunday I was asked by a friend to help her taking photos of her friend's engagement. What made me nervous was not because the groom was one of the national badminton player or that he won a gold medal in Beijing Olympic 2008 (pheww~), but more because I hadn't practiced with my camera at all for more than a month!

However, promise must be fulfilled.

That was my very first time taking photos of a stranger's event (I had only been introduced to the bride and the groom right on the location!). Lesson learnt:

  1. Shooting only with prime lens (I used my 50/1.8, a lil too narrow on my cam body) in room full of people is not a good idea. A lot of times I felt I needed to step further or closer to the subject and I couldn't do that as I always bumped into somebody. It got worse as most of the guests were the elderly.
  2. My kit lens wasn't as terrible as I thought. I used it for group photos at its max aperture and still got pretty decent pictures. However, when it's used at full zoom, the pictures turned crappy ;P
  3. I should have had breakfast before.
  4. I should have had more and more conversation with the couple and their family. The only reason why I couldn't get pictures I had imagined was because I felt too awkward to ask them posing for me.
  5. RAW files only made me lazier to start photoediting.. XD

I have started editing some, but still have loads of photos waiting in the line hahaha... *hopeless*

I didn't think I had done well, but I hope I won't make the same mistakes in the future time :)

P.S. I change my blog template again, you likey?


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