my money runs fast

And I don't know where they have gone, or worse, disappeared into.. It's not like that I've done many shoppings recently. Seriously!! Because I want to buy a new lens so I kept in mind not to buy unnecessary things. Although I slipped sometimes, but I really didn't buy much......

or did I???


Perhaps I've been eating out too often? Well, that might be, as my patience is easily out of the window when I don't have something in my belly.. I can't stand those hypoglycemic symptoms (doh)...  pfft. =.=""

I feel shitty :(

Money, why don't you like staying still in my wallet?

Meanwhile, most of my friends will start their specialist program soon, on Oct 4 if I'm not mistaken. Congratulations, my dear! I also can't wait to start my specialist program, but the enrollment date is still on June next year!!! So bloody long, isn't it? I want to apply as a Periodontics residence in University of Indonesia. In my entire life, I had never been rejected by any school I applied, but getting into a residency program ain't as easy.. My friends who're starting their residency soon had taken the examination twice cos they failed the first one. Lucky, my ex-uni opens the enrollment twice a year so they didn't have to wait too long.. However, in my case, I do not want to fail at all, even on my first time cos waiting for the next examination is too time-wasting as I have to wait for next year till they open the enrollment again.. It's still on June though.. but I might be going there for a pre-enrollment visit hahaha... I want to make sure how the place I'll be studying in looks like... that works as a motivation booster, as well.. xDDD~
If you ever read my posts written when I was in BDS year, you might remember that I wanted so bad to be an oral & maxillofacial surgeon. That's true! I was in love with OMFS... I loved the clinic and the works, how they explained each case was the most make sense IMHO.. I didn't mind studying basic medical science, I didn't even mind studying all those tumors and neoplasias haha.. So why now not choose OMFS? Well, fyi the whole study process takes abt SEVEN YEARS and that includes night-shifts in hospital as well!!!!! When I was more idealistic, studying for seven years long was not a problem as long as I loved my job... even when my friends told me that it's bloody long, but I said I didn't care and I could bear it for the sake of being an OMF surgeon...


myself now has become less idealistic hehe... I'm definitely not who I was two or three years ago ;) So I pick a specialty that still involves A LOT of surgery cos I'm soooooo a blood-thirst hahahahaha.... xD

Kidding!! I'm not Bella Cullen :P


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