Teeheee~ a short holiday for Eid Raya finally. However, as for me everyday is like a holiday, this time doesn't feel as special as previous years - as when I was in school and mad busy with clinic requirements. If you don't suffer, you won't know how to enjoy it haha.. ;) Work starts again on Monday, some offices open on Wednesday.. For me, the sooner the better, I'm freaking bored already.. Not that I hate holiday la, but I think I have had too much spare time now that I think I don't need a holiday. Well, at least not in this month, not in next month as well..

Today we had a family dinner to celebrate my sis & bro's birthday. Theirs were on Aug 28, but because my brother was still in Yogyakarta at that time, we postponed and just had it today. Went to our favourite restaurant but I was disappointed they didn't have the shrimp I had been craving for days.. T__T But I finally managed to try the newly-opened Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks. They had been available in Jakarta since quite long time ago, but just opened their very #1 counter in Surabaya only few weeks ago. 

My favouritest had to be 超大雞排 aka XXL Cripsy Chicken!!! 

Took the picture from its web cos I didn't take any. Omg, IT'S DELIRIOUSLY YUMMY!!!! It's super tasty, garlicky, and full of MSG-laden goodness!!!!! I'm salivating and my stomach is growling again as I'm typing this post now..... T_T It's weird enough that when I was in Taipei I also went to several night markets,  but I didn't remember I'd ever had this snack. I think what I only had there were dough fritters and a kind of oyster dish, which was shitty thus made me hesitate to try another dishes.. But a friend told me that it shouldn't taste that bad and perhaps I picked the wrong seller.. Whatever la! Ji pai FTW!!! Hahahaha... xD

Oh yeah, these few days the weather was too friendly... The air is cool, sky is shady... only make me stick to my bed even worse haha.. But tomorrow I'm gonna take a walk'!! I think since it's a Raya, then mostly people are going to relatives' house rather than taking walk on the street. So yeah, I hope the streets are pretty empty... 

Will I have enough will?? We'll see ;)


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