There are a lot of things going in my head that I think my head can’t contain em anymore and gonna explode soon. I’m missing my friends! When they’re around, it’s harder to get a headache since I can always easily speak out my feelings, thoughts, and express my emotion. We’re living in the same city, but rarely see each other due to mismatch schedule.. sigh. I’ve been a little depressed recently thanks to, perhaps, some resentful events and bad circumstances I’ve been living (or working) in, desperately gasping for fresh air..

Guess what? Today is like a little bliss.

I enjoy my new work place. I’m not officially in yet, but the athmosphere is very very different. Less people, less problems. Too many (dumb) heads are real disasters. However, it’s only day one, I remember I was pretty passionate when I began working in former place but hatred soon grew after day 3 and already wanted to quit on day 5 lololol… No la. Most of the staffs here are old acquaintances, some even are my classmates and I’ve known them well… Other staffs are so welcoming either that I don’t feel like I’m moving to a new place.. instead, it feels like I’m back to home :D

Other than that, I was delighted to have a little chit chat with Erlin and Nicky just now. Talking to them kinda reminded me of our life in Oral Surgery clinic hehe.. I think the best clinic time I’ve ever had in my BDS life is OMFS haha.. So much tension yet so much fun. Along with Cindy and Kurniawan, we often shared patients and cases, pleaded McDreamy to give us tutorial (hahaha), sneaked out to have lunch, hid together in OR when we’re less energetic to catch up with the requirements… Oh, that time we’re also addicted to OR serials like Grey’s Anatomy etc, but pls be known that McDreamy I refer in this post is definitely not Derek Sheperd yeahh.. hahaha… 

Aaaahhh…. I miss miss miss those moments and McDreamy so baddd!!! Am I like an old granny already, nagging about old times??

But remembering BDS life somehow restores the long-lost passion in work… (wtf I graduated only few months ago!) When I was in school it was so much fun (though miserable, too), but these days in work, it doesn’t feel really fun and kinda boring.. alone..no sharing partners.. I’m so glad those tearful days are over, but I’m longing for the bonds..


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