deep fried

The weather is freaking weird.. Few days ago it rained so hard that I celebrated we were having rainy season again (I knew it's dumb), but now it's fuckin' hot I feel like somehow the sun is baking/ cooking me?!

Hot weather + PMS = a total hothead and grumpy Yessi! 

To make it worse, I am also suffering from a 4mm ulcer on my left upper lip. It looks very red, inflamed, and is fucking painful.. Oh my, I so need steroid!! I can hardly eat, drink, or even bite my favourite senbei cos it's pricking right into the ulcer..  *tears* Good thing is because this ulcer doesn't let me talk much, thus... however mad I am today, I can't swear cos every time I open my mouth it HURTS so baddd... Nobody gets hurt, at least! So, if you feel I'm ranting a lot in this post, DON'T COMPLAIN!

My dope!! Nothing I crave more than this kind of thirst-quenching liquid, it lifts up my mood though it stings my ulcer (again). Oh crap.

Btw I don't know how to handle tomorrow. I hate my workplace and I've been saying this for 1,463,890 times and was going to submit my resignation last Saturday, but dunno why till today Budi hasn't let me to. "Wait and see," he said.. Wait and see what huh? I don't think I'm mentally capable to work there again.. The schedule is messed up, the boss is pretty messed up too.. To be frank, I'm fed up. Two months is enough.. and enough is enough. I can hardly take orders, esp from a so-called leader like that.. Everything going there is driving me insane!


Saunggunung September 23, 2010 at 4:44 PM  

hi good evening "bu dokter"
nice to read your personal blog

best regard
from futurist activist bogor

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