Wassup fellas!!! :D

After uploading some pictures from Prita and Ardi's wedding (piccies are available in facebook acc), I'm now boringly waiting for World Cup final match between Netherlands and Spain. Netherlands my love, please win tonight mwach mwach... :*

There's almost no interesting story for this week. Work still sucks, my knitting project is still far from finished, my photography skill doesn't improve as well =.= Grr... photographing people is very difficult yeah?? Anyone knows how NOT to make portraits look like common PnS camera's shot?? I want to make pictures that wow the viewers haha.. xP
Been an illegal (doh) photographer of friend's weddings with Harry has made me tempted to get an external flash, but not sure yet, I don't know it's that necessary for basically I'm a big fan of natural lights hehe.. but seeing him so convenient taking pictures while I'm abusing my camera's ISO system, built-in flash, and still the picture outcomes aren't nice, it's like.... sigh, I want that damn speedlite hahahaha... xD Also want a new lens after seeing Frendy got a 135mm f2 L lens! Woh, an L lens I also want ahhh!!! Hahaha...

Ah, impulsive buying. I need to master my current gear first before adding more.... *repeating these words to help me resist the buying urge*

Mental note: next time will find longer dresses for easy squatting while taking pictures.. =.="


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