wah.. I'm cooking!!

Out of sudden yeah? My first time btw haha.. Mom's out of town, no food at home, I'm too lazy to drag my ass out for dinner.. nobody's gonna feed me, so I have to feed myself.. xD

Some leftovers in refrigerator soon turned into egg-chicken-mushroom something haha.. 

There were so many small accidents of course, even the simplest first step: defrosting the chicken!!
When I defrosted the mushrooms, I set the timer to 30 sec but they're still frozen.. so I put 'em in again and set it to another 30 sec, and it was successful. When I tried to defrost the chicken, I set it to 30 sec but nothing happened, the whole chicken still looked frozen, so I put it back again and set it to 60 sec. I was confident I set the timer right and patiently waiting in front of the microwave until... PING!!

Not only was it defrosted, one-third of the chicken was cooked as well buahahahahaha!!!!

Oh my god... What's the correct defrosting time for chicken btw??

In conclusion, did it taste good??

It's still edible la... XDD


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