Yesterday was a bit out of my habit.. I am no fan of coffee shops, name them Starbucks, Dante, Excelso.. reasons are simple: 1) I don't tolerate high caffeine drinks very well; 2) I can't feel their meals filling my stomach enough :P
But yesterday, as Red Mango was packed with people, we checked the neighboring counter, a newly-opened coffee shop named Rollaas.

It's owned by PT Perkebunan Nusantara 12 aka PTPN 12. The 'Rollaas' name comes from Javanese word rolas for twelve. Their signature drink is Kopi Luwak (click here for explanation), which is said to be served with a special  brewing tool. But as I was not willing to pay IDR 100K for A CUP of Kopi Luwak, I ordered  other drink hehe..

Mine was Cafe Borgia, recommended by the waitress, comprised of three different layers: mandarin orange, coffee, and whipped cream on top. The waiter explained to me a simple how to drink it. Don't try to stir it! Instead, put the straw in and sip the mandarin layer, then lift a bit and sip the coffee layer, after that lift more and sip the creamy top. Mix 'em in your mouth, not in the glass! 

My verdict? It tasted refreshing! The coffee taste wasn't strong and mandarin orange made it nicer. Eventually I did stir the three layers and it became like...pweh. Hahaha.. better not mix the layers... xD

Also ordered from their pastry list. As we were quite late, all salty pastries were sold out and only sweet desserts were available. 

The chocolate something was great, but the strawberry cheesecake was not :(

Till the end of July, they give 25% off for all beverages. Oh I wanna go again to eat the curry puffs.. And if you don't like coffee, they also serve tea and chocolate drinks.. might try 'em next time :D


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