I'm legal now

The long awaited registration certificate is finally on my hand! I had no idea if we'd also get an ID like this, does it give us any privilleges or better, work as a discount card? xD

Been rolling on my bed since morning. No, I'm not skipping work (like I usually do) but the clinic is taking care of registration of all doctors planning to work 'permanently' there.. Since I have no plan for working there 'permanently', I could take a day off hehe.. It's been only less than two months since I joined them, but now I am thinking about moving out. Of all personal preferences, honestly I prefer workplace that offers me opportunities to develop my skill and knowledge. My current workplace can't offer that but the salary is good.. Such a dilemma cos I also need money to pay for leisure. You know me la, I hate working but love travelling haha.. Mom often suggests me to be more thoughtful about that, but like everyone else, who doesn't love travelling? Plus.. after all, what's all the money for? :P


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