Just a little update, I attended Grace's wedding on last Sat night and will be attending Imil's wedding on next Sat night.. There will be more such occasions till end of year and that means there will be more opportunities for me practicing photography. Bleahhhhh, I even called it photography while my shots were still nothing near amazing hahaha... XD
Grace's wedding was the first time where I took wedding shots. And it's veryyyy difficult yeah? It's difficult to keep up with composition while not losing the moment, so Harry helped me taking some shots from the holy matrimony for he's more experienced haha.. While shooting Grace's, I used mostly my kit lens which later I regret for the nifty fifty could have produced much better photos. It's just because I was wearing high heels and with the 50/f1.8 I had to move around A LOT more and it's painful.. T_T Must practice walking a lot in high heels, maybe?

P.S./ I still don't like my new office.. Some of them are still annoying though I get along better with some more..


iMiL~ June 24, 2010 at 11:28 PM  

wawawawawawaaaa... thanks a lot Yessi !!! Foto-fotonya di acaranya Grace kereeeenn... can't wait for mine too :D

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