tales of mamaboy

(edited some parts to make it more polite and add some more :P)

Exam is done! Pheww~ a tricky one..

And because it's over, now I can rant and talk shit about MAMABOY! That asshole has been pissing me off!!! Yeah I'm jealous la, how come I not be jealous of him? I had to re-attend the Oral Med clinic in semester 11 (cos I failed it in sem 9) and finished it 1.5 months later (mid October 2009), passed it with an A, submitted judicial request with other two classmates hoping that they permitted us to join batch 2009 graduation in November 2009... We really hoped that they granted us permission, cos classmates from Pedo clinic who submitted their requests five days prior to us were able to attend the graduation. But very disappointing, we were told that we gotta wait for more people, meant: next four months.

Nah, Mamaboy not only did he fail the same clinic, but he actually failed it twice. However, Oral Med was the only clinic he failed beside Perio. I think, he must have failed every other clinic and would not ever made to even second year of BDS life if it's not because of the 'so-called-miracles'... Do you think he is that stupid??

NO. Absolutely not. This guy is PURE DUMB!! Stupid is quite a praise, trust me..

So dumb then why I'm jealous?

Of course I'm no jealous of his brain. Comparing him with me is like comparing a first grader with Einstein!! Walao, Yessi, you're outsmarting too.. Well, the Einstein part is an exaggeration, but wait till you know him in real life you'll agree with me..
I actually believed that there is no stupid people cos each one is smart in their own way.. I also used to think that perhaps he had other talents beyond his lack of academic intelligence, but the way he brags about himself is really sickening and that makes him look 1,254,570 times more idiot!!!

Back to the topic.

Four months passing by and I was informed that this guy finally passed OM last March and he tried to submit his judicial request to be able to attend my group's graduation. His case is exactly like mine. But guess what??? They granted his request!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, they let him join the exam too~~~~ The last date of application for this exam was April 20, and his judicial announcement was issued on April 22.. The rule is, in order to be eligible to apply for the licensing examination, your judicial announcement need to be issued first. In sane logical thinking, how do you think this could be possible????!!!

Life is so unfair, not?

I think my luck with fac is miserable already, but wait till you hear what I heard this morning. So surprising and left me jaw-dropped and speechless, made me want to spit out all those terrible words I've known in front of their faces!!!!!

Ohhhh, I am sooooooooo effing tempted to spit those words to Mamaboy as well, all swears and curses.... And his face makes me want to poo poo, so swearing in front of him will definitely make me feel much better.. :S

Oh gawdddd, let me free oh.. let me free from this insane place!!!

Just yesterday I even wanted to vomit out after hearing their speech.. How come they expect us to be loyal to them while they're treating us like shit? I don't know what happens in other places, each must have flaws... but bullying your students are just wrong! What is a school without students?? You also need us! Treat others the way you want others treat you.. Respect for respect. (of course this doesn't apply to Mamaboy..)

(take deep breath)

Aside from my hatred to him, to let him graduate and grant him a 'dentist' title are very pathetic.

Mamaboy can not extract teeth
Mamaboy can not prep teeth
Mamaboy can not do proper restorations
Mamaboy do not know what pulpitis is (asked him two years ago in Ortho)
Don't even try to question him about biofilm, cos he might answer it's a new form of pornography...
Or even rubber dam, cos he might mistake it as a sex toy..



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