kecoak sialan!!

Oh this sucks! I've been sleep-deprived for a week so last night I tried to sleep early at 9pm, wished for extra sleeping hours, but eventually I woke up at bloody 2am and couldn't continue my sleep! Duh! It's not because of my nose.. I'd guzzled down some medicines before sleep so that wasn't a problem. I kept my eyes closed, my room dark, but I still stayed awake =.= While struggling so hard to fall asleep, I suddenly heard a rustling sound on the floor and that was............ shit! A nasty cockroach was crawling under there!!!! Seeing a cockroach called back my conscience and made me become full alert so bye bye sleepy eyes... T_T You've guessed right, I spent the entire dawn looking for something could be used as a trap -- found a carton box -- trapped the nasty animal below it -- inserted a piece of paper below -- wrapped the entire box with that paper and sealed the edge so it couldn't escape (dare to escape I'll kill it immediately!) Duh! Even that I think it's nasty I don't want to kill it at first place.. but they can't understand our language and even after I shoo 'em away, they just don't leave :(

Urghh.. I just wanna sleep and get well.. shoo shoo watery nose.


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