expecting Yogyakarta

Teehee… I’m super extra very hoping that my brother gets accepted in UGM. Not only is because he wants to study there too bad and has no other options, but also because it means that I’ll be travelling frequently to Yogyakarta and the surrounding cities without worrying about the accomodation so it saves a lot of money hehe :P

While he’s very nervous about the exam, let this wicked byootiful sistah arrange which places she’ll be visiting there xD The last time I went there was on a family trip about…..TWELVE years back!!! Booo, nuff said why I’m getting so excited this time hehe. I am going with Momo and brother but I'm pretty sure that they won't want to go around with me as they don't like travelling zzz.... =.= I already start my list and it's very annoying if she still doesn't permit me to go anywhere I like. Oh come on, your darling daughter is going 24 this year and she still needs permission?

Meanwhile, for an I-also-don’t-know-why reason, I’m bound to this song and can’t let go myself from it. Been repeating the same song since yesterday night constantly and still not bored yet :D

pls don't mind the stupid karaoke-style mv ;P

And yes, who knows a metalcore band can sing such a beautiful song like this? Major love ♥


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