HK love story

Hai hai hai.. yours truly had arrived home safely on last Sunday and now enjoying free days before departure to Bali on next week mwahahaha... November is my travel month for sure hehe :)

About Hong Kong, I AM NOT SATISFIED AT ALL!!!!! C'mon, only FOUR days, how come I got satisfied?? I wanna stay FOREVER there!!!! I wanna move move there owww.. It was Autumn when I visited so the cool breeze felt very comfortable esp if you compared to Surabaya's hot weather which almost kills me everyday due to the heavy sweating.. I might die of dehydration y'noe!!

My new camera works so well, as expected from a Canon!! I've uploaded some pictures on my Facebook account if you want to check it there.. Sorry, I can't post the same pictures here as the connection dropped down =.= It's proven that a good camera aids in making good pictures. No need for heavy editing, just tweaking the color and apply lens correction filter to make the pictures look more dramatic! Awesome!!! Sure it's worth the price, how many times have I been telling you this?? Ahahaha....

Met my 'uncle' who's also a dentist in HK.. I should have called him 'uncle' cos he is on Mom's generation but he's only 30 something and mind being called as uncle haha.. Soo nice la! He explained a lot about MDS programme in HKU and now I'm getting more confused as I don't know what to choose wtf haha.. I like his clinic btw, small and neat and chic.. I so want to own a clinic like him in the future time! But I imagine that working in private practice is boring though you can earn a lot from that..

Met Jack Jichao also!!!! I'm soooo sorry we only could meet for one day! I only managed to visit the PPDH (and stupidely didn't take any photos there.. wtf was wrong with my brain at that time?!!?!?!?!!!) Next time I wanna visit the main campus.. saw from several photos that it's an old building so gotta be more interesting.. However, PPDH is greattt!! Making me dislike my campus even more.. That is what they call a teaching hospital maannn!!! Don't call RSGM a teaching hospital also.. I don't even dare to pee in the toilet as I might get urinary tract infection =.=

to be continued..


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