HK day TWO

On phone, my 姑婆 said that she would arrive at our hotel at 10am so we quickly headed back to the hotel. She arrived at about 10.30 and quickly took us for a walk to Discovery Plaza. It was located around the MTR station I think, but we walked for quite long. Just before we reached the entry gate, Henry called her and asked us to change direction to his clinic hahaha... It's so okay la.. :)

Though we were on phone the night before and I'd met his mother twice when she came to Surabaya, this was the first time I met him. He was nice on phone and even nicer in real life. And he looked like a real dentist maaannnn.... Patients will happily seek him for dental care while I have to put all efforts to convince them receiving treatment from me haha... His clinic was very very neat and tidy. It's not that small, though her mother kept telling that it's small.. for a private clinic, I think the size is just right.. I wanna own a clinic like that as well in the future :)

We stayed there until lunch and they brought us to yumcha! When he spelled the word yumcha, I was like going to smile from ear to ear, but I mind my own manner la.. it's such a pain-relief to our awful macaroni breakfast.. I believe that HK has the best dimsum all over the world, and its cuisine is awesome too.. You just have to go with right person so you can order the right dishes.. Me can't read the menus so that's why we mostly ended up with wrong order.. well.. beggars can't choose..

I was going to meet Jack from HKU in the afternoon, so we separated ways after lunch. My sister and I decided to spend some hours in Central as we're going to take taxi from Central to PPDH. Central was like a shopping superblock, mainly occupied with branded stuffs though you can still find cheaper brands store like Giordano or Bossini and other small designer boutiques. But our only destination was Sasa!!! There's the biggest Sasa store over there, we think so, as other Sasa stores we came in in MongKok and Tsim Tsa Shui were just smaller than this one.

to be continued///


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